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Tamil TV Serials Blessing Time

Blessings time is a Tamil TV shows which is telecasted on Imayam TV every Wednesday between 5.30 am and 6 am. Imayam TV is a Tamil TV Channel which was established with the main motive of spreading Christianity and its goodness among the people. Imayam TV broadcasts shows that are related to bringing upto people the reason, stories and the goodness that Christianity as a religion gives. Blessings time show brings in light of its viewers the prayers and chanting on Jesus Christ. There are various programs, gatherings and group prayers happening in many places across the city. Blessings time gathers all such events and telecasts the good happenings related to Christianity with much accuracy and spiritual motive

Any such event which takes place either in a Church or in any other place with respect to worshiping of Jesus Christ or spreading his good deeds, the t program will ensure to cover all such happenings and bring the same for its viewers in the right time and with much reality. Blessings time also covers the group prayers and speeches rendered by spiritual Christians and well versed orators of Christian religion who recites about the stories of Lord Jesus Christ, his service towards the people, his sacrifices for the wellness of the public and about the importance of doing good deeds to stay human. Apart from covering such events, the show brings in preachers, speakers ,orators who have dedicated themselves to preach Christianity and spread its goodness throughout their life. Blessings time finds such people who have the love for reciting about Lord Jesus Christ.

Speakers would talk about the purest deeds which Jesus has done and about the Bible. Bible is the holy book of Christianity which has got phrases and sentences that a Christian needs to believe, follow, preach and practice in his life. Parts of the Bible are also taken up by the preachers and explained in the most understandable and simple manner which a layman can relate to. There would also be spiritual gatherings at many places and churches during festival times like Christmas, Easter and Good Friday. During such occasions, special programs are telecasted by covering the major and most important events happening across the city and the program would be a special edition on the days of Christian Festivals. Watch blessings time every Wednesday on Imayam TV channel to seek spirituality and devotional intelligence and also get to know about the good deeds which one needs to perform in life to live the good life in the most desirable manner according to Christian religion.

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