Tamil TV Serials Enga Veettu Penn

Enga Veettu Penn is a Tamil daily soap opera. This soap opera had been based on Drama. This television soap opera had been telecasted on Zee Tamil. On 6 June 2015, this television soap opera was launched at 8:00 p.m., on the television channel, Zee Tamil. Since then, it is telecasted every single day, from Monday through to Friday, at 8:00 p.m., on the channel Zee Tamil. This show had been appreciated by its viewers thoroughly for the cinematic appearance and feel of this Tamil television soap opera.

The cast of this television show includes actors like Y.G. Mahendra, along with Harshitha, Kavithalaya Krishnan, Birla Bose, Yuvashree, and Sonia. The story and plot of this show revolve around Sumithira. She is a very ambitious and confident girl. She had been raised in a family with means. Suddenly, her whole world is put to turmoil when her wealthy father is accused and convicted as a felon for fraud, out of the blue. In a matter of a single day, her entire family comes to the streets. They get evicted from their house and their livings.

Their entire wealth is taken away by the government, and they lose everything they had. With the recent developments, they had nowhere to go. But somehow their servant, who is very loyal, takes them into his humble shelter. He brings them to his humble abode and offers them to stay in his shelter. This place had been located in “Kuyil Kuppam”, which is a clearance area for slums. Bhramma had done the direction of this splendid television series. The music for this television soap opera had crafted by the music composer, Pravin.

The production company, under whose banner this television soap opera had been presented, is Bhramma Cine Creations. The producer of this television soap opera is Vijay Raj Jothi. The editing of this television soap opera had been looked after by Kumaran. The cinematography of this television soap opera had been looked after by Karthik. Along with these people, this television soap opera’s executive producer is Harshavardhana. This television soap opera premiered for the first time in 6 June 2015, at 8:00 p.m. on Indian Standard Time, in the channel Zee Tamil.

This show was brought to screens by ZEE Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. The number of episodes that had been produced for this television soap opera was one hundred and two. Each episode runs for approximately twenty to twenty-two minutes in length.


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