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Healthy & Tasty, a Telugu language TV show was aired on the TV channel ETV Life. The TV show was telecast for the audiences in the year 2016. The TV show was based on the concept of healthy food. Healthy & Tasty is a cookery TV show. The first episode aired on the 1st of March.

The main idea of the TV show is to make the audiences aware and teach them the way of preparing those dishes which are healthy, full of nutritional value, and tasty; all at one time. The host of the TV show prepared various kinds of tasty and healthy dishes. The dishes prepared on the TV show were based on different kinds of cooking style like Ayurvedic Cooking, nutritional value cooking, weight loss diet, richness of preparing dishes with mix of spices, usage of milk, vegetables, fruits, fish etc, seasonal diet dishes, special diet food for the aged, children, convalescing, lactating mother and others, and cooking the tasty stuff in a healthy way.

The episodes of the TV show were also based on a lot of ways to cure diseases. The diseases could be normal cold, cough or flu which could be treated by eating certain kind of dishes. Such dishes’ recipes were also taught to the audience. Also, people suffering from diabetes, high or low Blood Pressure issues, migraine, and other health ailments were discussed, and special doctors would come on the show on telling the audiences about the kind of food and, dishes to be taken while suffering from such health hazards. Also, there were healthy dishes which were prepared by the doctors, dieticians and, fitness trainers who could be prepared and eaten by the audiences in their regular daily life or their normal course of routine while exercising. They prepared dishes like Sprouts Salad, Spinach Mushroom with scrambled eggs, various healthy soups, Matar Jaipuri in a healthy manner, Bajra Roti with sauté vegetable, spinach dishes, healthy vegetable Idli, oats recipes, twisted Egg Plant recipe, and other dishes. T

hey also prepared dishes by mixing various cuisines of the world, and different styles of cooking present in the world. The TV show provided with the audiences all kinds of healthy and, tasty recipes. The host explained everything to the audiences explicitly, and clearly. Starting from the ingredients used in a particular dish to the method of preparing it and most importantly she and the guest explained the health benefits and nutritional value of that dish. The audiences loved the TV show and learned about the methods of preparing a dish which is tasty and healthy both.


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