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‘Sathamanam Bhavathi’ is a Telugu serial, telecasted on Vanitha TV. Originally, it was aired on Gemini TV; it was created by Mana Entertainment, under the name Chi La Sow Sravanthi. Lingisetty Venkateswar Rao and A.R.Murthy are the writers the directors are Pulli Vasu and Meer Hussain. The main cast is Meena (as Sravanthi), Nanda Kishore (as Jagan), Bharani (as Mahesh), Sasidhar and Lakshmi (as Saranya). Sathamanam Bhavathi has over 1100 episodes, and each episode has a run time of 15-20 mins.

Vanitha TV is a channel, which focuses on women empowerment. ‘Sathamanam Bhavathi’ follows the life of Sravanthi, who belongs to a middle-class family in India. Sravanthi has always dreamt of getting married to someone who will love, and treat her respectfully, and help her fulfil her dreams. The story is very relatable to the audience as it portrays the regular struggles of a middle-class family.

Mahesh, a wealthy businessman approaches Sravanthi and her parents with a marriage proposal, by which Sravanthi’s parents are overjoyed and think that it is the best thing that can happen to their daughter. They accept the proposal and Sravanthi, without a choice is married off to Mahesh. After getting married to Mahesh, Sravanthi, with a lot of expectations, goes to live with him and realises that Mahesh is not the type of man he claimed to be. Sravanthi struggles to live with Mahesh as he tortures her every day. She felt like a bird in a golden cage. Riches don’t matter to a bird, only freedom does.

Sravanthi devises an escape plan, which to her is the only way she can escape from the claws of Mahesh. She leaves a suicide letter and runs away, hoping Mahesh thinks that she has committed suicide, so that he wouldn’t look for her. During her escapade, things take a drastic turn, and she gets trapped in a brothel where she faces many difficulties and abuse. Fortunately, one day, she crosses paths with Jagan, her friend, who eventually rescues her. The rest of the story focuses on what happens to Sravanthi after being saved by Jagan from the brothel.

Satamanam Bhavathi is highly appreciated by audiences as it focuses on problems faced by women in the society like arranged marriage, domestic violence, forced prostitution, etc. It is an emotional serial and shows how a woman fights despite having to go through gruesome events.




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