Telugu TV Serials Soups & Starters

Soups and Starters is a cooking show in the Telugu channel that airs on the channel, ETV Abhiruchi. ETV Abhiruchi is a fairly new food and cookery channel that has been launched by ETPL, a flagship company of the very popular ETV Network, under the ownership of Network 18. The show, Soups and Starters was first launched in the year 2017. The first episode was telecast on 13th January 2017. The show is still in the running. The show is airs from Monday to Friday at 12:45 p.m.

The show has completed 159 episodes to date. Each episode runs for 30 minutes. Soups and Starters is a new cookery show launched on the channel. As the name of the show suggests, the show features tantalizing assortments of soups and starters in its menu. Even then, the show features a wide array of food items in the category. Different soups and starters from multiple cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Continental, etc., are all featured in this show. The host of the show is also the chef who cooks in the show. In each episode, a new recipe is cooked and showed to the viewers. This recipe can either be a soup or a starter. Most of these food recipes are healthy and nutritious.

The chef, while cooking, talks about the ingredients those go into the recipe, the nutritional value of these ingredients, different tips and hacks that can make cooking easier or tastier. At the end of each episode, the chef herself tastes the dish and gives feedback on the taste. At the end of the show, they also give a quick repeat of the entire recipe so that the viewers who have missed on any minute detail can catch on. The show is shot in a studio which has been given a simple household kitchen look.

The background has been given a jazzy yellow color which pops with the theme of the show. The show features different new recipes of the chef with an off-beat combination of ingredients. Sometimes the show also features recipes for special occasions or festivals and also decorates the kitchen to complement the same. Some of the recipes cooked in the kitchen are Chilly Fish Shrimp, Basil and Brown Rice soup, Achari roasted chicken, Tricolor Paneer Tikka, Mutton rice kebabs, Leak and cheese fritters, Fried meat and banana soup, Mushroom Soup, Grilled fruit Tikka, Creamy Kiwi Avocado Soup, Peanut Butter Corn Soup, Asparagus Soup, Raw Boppaya Kebabs, etc.

When the show first started, the show was hosted by Monica. Then after a stretch of a few months, the anchoring of the show was taken over by Aparna. The show was a huge hit among the audience as it showed quick, delicious and appetizing starters and soups keeping in mind the health aspect of food.


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