Birthday: 27-05-1975
Age: 43
Star sign: Gemini

Jamie Oliver is a chef, whose talent is worth noting. His birth name is James Trevor Oliver. The superstar is born on the 27th of May 1975. Jamie hails from the United Kingdom. This icon is making waves through his cuisine, which is a delight to many people. He is 42 years old. Jamie Oliver’s star sign is Gemini. Jamie’s birthplace is Clavering, which is a village in Essex. Jamie attends school in London and later accepts to work for a restaurant by name, “Neal Street.” Oliver also participates as a chef in “River Café”. The superstar’s talent is worth noting. Jamie Oliver’s expertise increases his fame. , Jamie Oliver accepts a partnership with “HelloFresh,” in 2016. His wife is Juliette Norton, and they have five children. Jamie Oliver creates a series titled “The Naked Chef”, which makes waves in the United Kingdom.

“The Naked Chef” influence spread in the UK, leading to a “Bestseller Award.” Jamie gains popularity with some companies. The superstar decides to start a show on television. Jamie Oliver begins a documentary titled “Jamie’s Kitchen,” which makes him to receive an invitation from the British Prime Minister. Jamie Oliver receives an offer from “Sainbury”, which is a chain of supermarkets. “Sainbury” collaborates with Jamie to enhance their advertisement. Jamie Oliver becomes popular, and rises to higher heights of glory. “Sainbury agrees” to pay a sum of 2 million dollars to Oliver. Jamie’s deal with “Sainbury” terminated on the 25th of December 2011.

In 2005, Oliver begins a venture which aims at enhancing the quality of food that children receive in schools. Jamie’s program is “Feed Me Better”, which helps kids to be healthy, and reduce the prevalence of disease. The British Government recognizes Jamie’s efforts, and provides solutions. As a result, the British government also pledged to address the issue. Jamie receives an award titled "Most Inspiring Political Figure of 2005." Jamie Oliver starts a restaurant titled “Jamie’s Italian,” in 2008. “Jamie’s Italian” attracts many customers and expands. The growth of “Jamie’s Italian” is worth noting. The icon has branches of companies in many countries such as Turkey, Canada and Australia. Jamie Oliver receives the “2010 TED Prize,” for his contribution to cuisine.