An actor, writer and comic who is a fire on stage. Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico into the Jews family is a well-known comedian all around the world. She was selected as the ‘Top Five Funniest Lesbians in America’. Recalling how she got into the comedy, Dana tells as a kid she used humour to get herself through circumstances.

She was always very funny and her teacher told her mother that Dana was the funniest five-year-old she’d ever met. Listening lot of comedians on tape was only needed for arrival of another one to conquer the stage and further the world. Dana Goldberg started her comedy career back in 2003 before 650 people in a sold out theatre in Albuquerque. And within seven months she was called up to work with 13 other American comedians which is included in the US comedy invasion at the Fringe festival in Edinburgh. She was one of the five finalists from the nation to showcase her talent in the “Wendy Good Tasty Comedy Challenge” produced by HBO and TBS in Las Vegas, Nevada. Just after three years when she stepped onto the stage, in 2006, became a producer and started the Annual southwest funny fest in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She performs regularly at Human Rights Campaign. Dana even hosts the night of comedy to help with AIDS Services in New Mexico. In 2009, she was seen in her comedy special “One Night Stand Up: episode 4”. This was shot at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. She even has shared the national stage with ex-president Barack Obama, , lady gaga, to name a few.

Things you’ve most probably never heard about Dana, also she won’t tell anyone again. First of all she is afraid of spiders. She is terribly terrified of them. She recalls about getting high only once in her life after eating something which was a horrible experience for her and she ended up brushing her teeth for 45 minutes.

She is a down to earth person with a gentle personality working day and night to make people laugh with her gift of humour. She never step backs especially when it comes to bring up national awareness regarding equalityetc. Setting the standard for smart and light comedy she continues to win heart all over the world.


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