Birthday: 03-12-1982
Age: 36
Star sign: Capricorn

Adam Wingard is an acclaimed writer, director, and cinematographer of Hollywood. He is equally competent in editing movies. He is also a reputed horror filmmaker in America and has won many international awards for direction, screenplay, and even best movie.

After completing his graduation, this celebrity figure tried his hands in direction. His first film was 'Home Sick’ (2007), which took nearly six years to be released in its final cut. In the same year, the director released another movie, ‘Pop Skull’ (2007). It is believed that in 2003, the filmmaker, Adam Wingard, approached Lane Hughes with the idea of making a semi-autobiographical film that narrated a recent break-up. The film was divided into three genres and three different parts too- 'psychedelic', 'horror' and 'romance’. This film was screened at many international film festivals and even won the jury award in one of the major international film festivals. The film received a huge response from critics and it was produced at a budget of $2,000.00.

In 2010, the filmmaker made another horror film, 'A Horrible Way to Die', which received three major awards for best screenplay, best actor, and best actress.

In 2011, he followed with another movie, 'What Fun We Were Having', which was a movie that had four stories about sexual assault. Wingard was honored for this film in the film festival. The filmmaker made a low-budget film, 'Autoerotic' (2011), which was shot outside, independently, and even distributed by independent agencies. He was co-director of this movie along with Joe Swanberg, and this film was a naturalistic movie both in terms of performance and dialogues. Joe Swanberg wrote the script, produced and even co-directed the movie.

In the year 2012, a movie named 'The ABCs of Death’, was released and it was directed by filmmakers from around the world, which included Adam too. The film contained 26 multiple shorts, each was directed by different directors of fifteen countries, and it was screened in international film festivals.

In late 2014, a sequel, ‘ABCs of Death 2’, was released, which was again directed by many renowned filmmakers from around the world. This filmmaker has casted Joe Swanberg in many of his movies. One of them was 'You're Next', which had a premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, and later released in August 2013 in theaters in America. The filmmaker got associated with 'Picturehouse', a film production and distribution company, and released critically acclaimed movies like ' The Guest' (2014) and ‘The Woods’ (2016). The film, ‘The Woods’ is the latest horror movie from Adam Wingard. It is expected to release later this year.

All of his films have a contemporary background and they are inspired by current events and pop culture.


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