Birthday: 17-02-1949
Age: 70
Star sign: Pisces

Born in the New York City, United States of America to Jazz Musician parents, Don Scardino is a multifaceted entertainer, having been an actor, voice artist, director, producer, television artist and a Broadway artist as well. Aged 67, Donald Joseph Scardino was born on 17 February 1949.

He was initially married to Pamela Blair (14 September 1984 - 1991) but later got divorced. After that, he got married to Dana L. Williams in the year 1995 and has been happily married ever since. He is almost the father of a child from his marriage to Dana. Don started his initial entertainment career years as a stage actor. He worked in multiple stage plays and Broadway performances. His first Broadway acclaim was as an understudy for the play “The Playroom” in 1965. Further, his Broadway acting credits include “Johnny No-Trump”, “Godspell” and “King of Hearts”. Most roles he played were under the age of 25 even though he himself was aging well into his 40’s. And as he himself says, “It was driving me nuts!” Although Don had a childhood fantasy of being a film director one day, his Dorian Gray appearance of un-aging youth only landed him young roles in Broadway shows.

A few of his major stage appearances include: As Dom in “The Loves of Cass McGuire” at the Helen Hayes Theatre in New York City, 1966, as Jimmy Gordon “My Daughter, Your Son” at the Booth Theatre, New York City,1969, as David in ”Scribes” at Marymount Manhattan Theatre, New York City, 1977 etc. One of his most celebrated works as a stage actor was in “Godspell” (musical) at the multiple theatres across New York City through 1976-1977. In his interviews, he has often mentioned about the resilience and dedication of actors who work on Broadway as well as in movies.

He worked alongside Al Pacino and James Earl Jones in “The Peace Creeps” Off-Broadway in 1966 and fondly recalls his experience of learning and appreciating the art of acting from the experienced actors, “Al never stopped working, never took breaks in rehearsals. I realized: That's the kind of dedication you need. Onstage, James Earl Jones would nail you with his eyes. He taught me Cagney's lesson on acting: 'Place your feet on the ground, look the other guy in the eye— and tell the truth. “ Scardino later moved on to directing plays which later paved his way into directing and producing TV series and movies.

His most celebrated stage directorial works include “How I Got That Story”, “A Kiss Is Just a Kiss”, “Kid Purple”, "Life under Water” etc. Following his 10 years of acting career and directing plays, Scardino moved on to soap opera direction. Although the option was open, he closed the door to acting completely as his childhood dream had been that of being a director only and acting had been a step along the way. His TV directorial include: “Another World” on NBC 1986-1987, “The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd” NBC, 1987, “Law & Order” on NBC, 1991-1992 etc.

Donald Scardino has been a celebrated actor as well as a director throughout his years of working and has been nominated and even won some, prestigious awards including the Primetime Emmy, Daytime Emmy, AFI Awards, Gold Derby Awards, PGA awards, The Directors Guild Of America, USA etc.



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