Birthday: 01-03-1954
Age: 64
Star sign: Aries

Ron Howard was born in Oklahoma, U.S. on 1st March 1954. He is a director by profession and has also acted in many movies. Ron has been a part of two major sitcoms which have brought him immense popularity. His mother is an actress, and Rance Howard, his father is a writer and director. Ron and his family had spent a lot of time in Hollywood since they stayed there for years before they decided to move to Burbank. Ron received his primary education in Desilu Studios and later attended John Burroughs High School from where he graduated.

Ron is an ambitious person and from his childhood, he wanted to be a director and soon became one but during his initial years, he also gained experience in acting. Ron debuted as an actor in 1959 in the movie, “The Journey” where he played the role of Billy Rhinelander and continued to appear in many pictures playing different characters. Ron played the role of Opie Taylor in the 1960 show The Andy Griffith Show and remained with them until the 8th season. After moving out from the show, Ron and Griffith remained good friends.

In 1969, Ron appeared in The Story and Song from Haunted Mansion playing the role of one of the two teenagers who get trapped in the Haunted Mansion. The movie grossed well at the box office and also had many different special effects. Ron played Steve Bolander in the 1973 comedy flick, “American Graffiti”. The story takes us to the time when the world was ruled by rock and roll music, and the flick focuses on an adventurous evening spent by a group of teenagers.

The actor appeared in many movies which include Eat My Dust, Welcome to Hollywood, etc. and also was a part of many television shows including The Fugitive, I Spy, Gentle Ben, ‘Lancer’, The Simpsons, Act of Love, etc. Ron has also directed many pictures like A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13, Far and Away, The Da Vinci Code, Made in America, Angels and Demons, etc. Ron directed ‘ Inferno’ which released in 2015, and the critics appreciated his work. Ron will be a part of Donald Trump: The Art of the Deal where he will be playing himself and it is a 2016 release.

On 7th June 1975, Ron married Cheryl Alley and they had four children together. Ron is a supporter of Barack Obama and has been a part of his campaign twice.


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