Marte Stokstad


Birthday: 15-06-1978
Age: 40
Star sign: Cancer

Marte Grønvold Stokstad known as Marte Stokstad was born on 15 June 1978 in Sarpsborg, Norway. She is a Norwegian presenter. She had worked in the program named “Marte” which was telecast on the radio channel named “NRK P3 (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation” from autumn 2003 to summer 2006. Her Star sign is Cancer. In the year 2007, she worked as a presenter for a Norwegian TV show named “Idol” along with Kyrre Holm Johannesen.

In the year 2008, she presented a show named “Norwegian Talents” which was telecast on the channel named “TV 2” along with Sturla Berg-Johansen. In the year 2009, she worked as a host on the channel named “BBC 1” for the entertainment program named “The Norwegian Humor.” She has also worked in many other shows like “The Hit” in the year 2015 and “The Nominees” in the year 2014, as a presenter. She also has a sister named “Morten Stokstad” who is working in VG. Stokstad also has a stepsister. Her name is “Anne Rimmen.” Her uncle’s name is “Are Stokstad’ who is the head of Media Association and EVP A-press.

In the year 2010 and 2012, she worked as a presenter along with Per Sundnes in Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest. In the year 2004, 2009, 2005, 2011 and 2010, she led top 20 shows of VG list. The “Summer Open” of 2015 and 2016 was led by Stokstad. From August 2016, she worked as a presenter in the live entertainment program named “Nitimen” which was broadcast on the channel named “NRK P1.” Marte Stokstad is tall, bubbly, and elegant. She is a fun-loving person who is always relaxed. She has also presented the latest edition of “Melodi Grand Prix” which is an annual Music Competition held in Norway and is organized by Norwegian public broadcaster. She received a lot of praise for her presentation skills.

Later on, Stokstad decided to leave “Melodi Grand Prix”. She had to work for the broadcaster and had to develop a new program concept which was time-consuming and she would not be able to give time to the annual music completion named “Melody Grand Prix.” She didn’t want to leave MGP, but she had to because of a shortage of time.

She worked as a program host in the new venture as well. Stokstad said, she enjoyed working in “Melody Grand Prix,” and it was a fantastic experience to host in front of a large number of audience. She was sure that the new program would also bring something new in her life.  


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