Birthday: 12-03-1968
Age: 50
Star sign: Aries

Aaron Eckhart is a Hollywood and stage actor. Born on March 12, 1968, Eckhart was born to Mary Martha Eckhart and James Conrad Eckhart, who was an author and a computer executive, respectively. He was born in California and was raised there until the age of 13, and then their entire family shifted to England in 1981.

He has two brothers, from which Aaron is the youngest. Eckhart studied in an American Community School, where he got the role of Charlie Brown in a school production, and he picked up acting from then on. Eckhart then moved to Sydney, Australia, in the year 1985. He went to a high school there, but soon dropped out of school and took a job in a movie theatre.

He later earned his degree and diploma through an adult education course. He returned to the United States and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1994 from the Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Eckhart, while trying out his hand in the theatre, took up various odd jobs such as becoming a bartender or bus driver.

He started out his career in small roles, such as an extra on the TV show called Beverly Hills, 90210, and with roles in television movies or short-lived programs. Eckhart got his first critical acclaim with the play, In the Company of Men, in which he starred as a white-collar worker. He won the Independent Spirit Award for the Best Debut Performance for his role in the play.

During the following years, Eckhart starred in various plays, but got his first wide exposure in 2000 as George, a ponytailed goateed biker, in Erin Brockovich, a drama by Steven Soderbergh. Through the years, Eckhart starred in various films and has gotten worldwide recognition for his roles in The Dark Knight, a sequel to Batman Begins by Christopher Nolan, and in a romantic drama called Love Happens, in which he acted against Jennifer Aniston.

Recently, Aaron Eckhart appeared in the action thriller, Olympus Has Fallen, in 2013, in which he starred as the U. S. President, who was taken hostage. Eckhart won an award for the Best Actor for Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for his role as Nick Naylor in the movie Thank You for Smoking, which was released in 2006.

Eckhart is known internationally as a sex symbol for his stunning looks, and made the list of the People’s Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People in 2006. Eckhart, like many, came out of his addiction for drinking, smoking and partying. He states that he got out of those through hypnosis and now enjoys photography in his leisure time.

He has a couple of relations, thought his serious one was with the actress Emily Cline, to whom he was engaged, but due to certain reasons, the relation broke apart. He stated that before acting, he had intentions of being a songwriter.



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