Birthday: 15-12-1981
Age: 37
Star sign: Capricorn


Brendan Fletcher was born in British Columbia, Canada on 15 December 1981. He is an actor and has appeared in many films. He received his earlier education from his birthplace and was passionate about acting since his childhood.

He debuted with “Little Criminals” a television movie about Des, an eleven-year-old kid who is involved in illegal activities including smuggling, stealing, etc. His friends accompany him in all these. He meets Cory, and they become best friends and start a crime business, it becomes impossible to stop them and even Des’s mother quotes that she won’t be able to handle her child.

He admits himself to an institution; his condition improves, but he runs away from there when he hears his doctor stating to find a foster home for him. He and Cory run away and plan to rob their dealer, take his money and elope from the town. Des accidently kills the dealer during the robbery and threatens Cory never to utter a word about it. He runs away, and Des visits his house, sets it on fire and hides in a closet.

Brendan received his big break when he was cast as Larry in “Air Bud”, the flick released in 1997. It is a comedy one which focuses on Buddy, a real life dog, who knows how to shoot a ball. Old Blue is deserted by his owner and is homeless. Josh whose father recently died sees Old Blue and keeps him renaming him as Buddy. Josh’s mother allows him to keep Buddy until Christmas. Seeing his affection towards him, she is moved and keeps the dog permanently. Soon Josh realizes that the dog is a champion.

When Norm finds Buddy appearing on television, he comes back to take him so that he could earn money from him. It grossed $27 million, and the audience loved it. He appeared in “The Five Senses” playing Rubert; it deals with the subject of our five senses and its importance in real life. He was in the ‘ Rampage’ series portraying Bill Williamson in all the three installments.

In the 2005 flick, ‘Alone In The Dark’, he was cast as Edward, who is a detective and knows about paranormal activity when he senses one. During his childhood, a scientist used to conduct experiments on him. He is trying to find out about Abkani, a civilization who used to worship demon like creatures. Soon he starts to find out about a missing child, but finds clues about the scientist who used to experiment on him as well. Brendan’s other works include The Revenant, Death Valley, Deadly Friends, Lucky Stars, etc.