Birthday: 29-03-1955
Age: 63
Star sign: Aries

One of the prime actors of our time. Distinguished and talented actor, yet considered to be one of the most remarkable voices that depicts a true man. Born on March 29, 1955 as Brendan Gleeson from Dublin, Ireland. First appeared in TV from 1989 to 1990. Made his first movie appearance as Quarryman for the movie “The Field”, as the farmer for the movie “In the Border Country”, as Jim Kennedy for the movie “The Bargain Shop”, and as a Policeman for the movie “Far and Away.” Right away followed by “Coneely’s Choice” and as Inspector Bolger for the movie “Into the West.” Starred again for the movie “The Life of Reilly”, and as Hamish Campbell for the movie “Braveheart” a story of a man that his bride was executed after assaulting an English soldier for trying to rape her and he leads a war against tyrant rulers of Scotland starring Mel Gibson.

He played Colin Campbell for the movie “ Kidnapped”, as Barney for the movie “Angela Mooney”, as Liam Tobin for the movie “Michael Collins” a story of man that contributed to the Free State and intrigued to eliminate him. He continuously landed major roles for the movie “Trojan Eddie”, as Frank for the movie “Spaghetti Slow”, as Stubbs for the movie “Turbulence”, as Father Bubbles in “The Butcher Boy”, as Richard for “A Further Gesture”, nominated for Best Actor for the movie “I Went Down” as Bunny Kelly, as Martin Chill for the movie “The General” nominated for his rendition in his character, continuously dominated the silver screen until the end of the decade. He played Michelangelo Abraxas for the movie “The Tailor of Panama”, as Lord Johnson for the movie “A.I.”, as Frank for the movie “28 Days Later”, as Monk for the movie “Gangs of New York” a story of a young man that seeks vengeance for the death of his father starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

He played reprising characters for the movies “Dark Blue” as Jack Van Meter, as Stobrod Thewes for the movie “Cold Mountain” the story of a wounded soldier that travels the dangerous path of Cold Mountain to meet his love again starring Jude Law and Nicole Kidman. He played Menelaus one of the kings that fought in the great battle of “Troy” and also the first husband of the woman that run away with the prince that unleashed war in the great and untouched city. Starred also for the movie “The Village”, as Raynald for the movie “Kingdom of Heaven” a man that travels to Jerusalem and beco mthe defender of the city starring Orlando Bloom. As John for the movie “Breakfast on Pluto”, as Mad Eye Moody for the movie “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, and Deathly Hallows Part I.” Starred also for the movie “The Tiger’s Tale” a story of Dubliner was hunted by the copy of himself. He became a voice talent for the movie “Beowulf”, as Ken for the movie “In Bruges” a story of hit men that awaits order from their cruel boss in Bruges, Belgium the place that he always avoid to go to, received multiple awards and nominations for the movie “Into the Storm” as Winston Chruchill, as Darren for the movie “Perrier’s Bounty”, as Martin Brown for the movie “ Green Zone”, received nominations as Sergeant Doyle for 2011 masterpiece “ The Guard”, as Dr. Holloran for the movie “ Albert Nobbs”, as Dermont for “ The Cup”, as David Barlow for the 2012 movie “ Safe House”, as Captain Charles for the movie “ The Raven.” Continuously landed roles and become popular adding to his list were “The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!”, as Henry Osborne for the movie “The Company You Keep”, as Victor Doyle for “ The Smurfs 2” as his son tries to battle Gargamel and will save their girl Smurf from indulging wrong deeds. He also played as Murray French for “ The Grand Seduction”, as James Lavelle for the movie “ Calvary” with multiple nominations and wards, as General Brigham in the movie “ Edge of Tomorrow” starring Tom Cruise, a story of intelligence captain that was sent down as a regular soldier and will try to resolve the extinction of men from an alien attack by going back thru time every time he dies. Starred also as the voice of Conor for the movie “Song of the Sea” and as The Alienist for the movie “Stonehearst Asylum.”


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