Birthday: 14-01-1948
Age: 71
Star sign: Aquarius

Carl, who has a talented past, took birth in New Orleans. He attended St. Augustine High School and Long Beach City College after attending San Diego State University. He also has a B. A. Degree in Drama from when he attended San Francisco State University in 1974. Although he is mostly known as a talented actor, he wasn’t as serious about it when he was in high school. During high school, he was active in all sorts of athletic activities, including gymnastics, judo, wrestling, etc. From this, he even developed a professional career in football. He was a linebacker when he played football professionally or in college.

His professional career in football, though brief, started with Oakland Raiders, with whom he played eight games for two years (1970-1971). Afterward, he joined the BC Lions (Canadian FL) and played eighteen games with them until 1973. The highlight of his professional football career was when he played for the coaches of Hall of Fame. Carl retired from his football career in 1974 since he knew deep in his heart that he wanted to act. He began his career with parts in two films that were based on the exploitation of the black people.

The films were directed by his old friend, Arthur Marks. After that, he did several small parts in films, TV shows, advertisements, etc. He has featured in several sitcoms like Good Times (in which his role was of a husband whose wife is cheating on him with the show’s main character), Street Justice (in which his part was of a sergeant), In the Heat of the Night (in which he played the police chief), in the CBS show Tour of Duty, Arrested Development, etc.

His film career is also bright as well with roles in films like the three Rocky series as Apollo Creed, in Not This Time (in which he played a misogynist), in action movies like Predators, Force 10 from Navarone, Hurricane Smith, Action Jackson, in comedy films like Happy Gilmore (in which he worked alongside Adam Sandler), Little Nicky, etc. He has also contributed his voice for a video game by Pandemic Studios, called Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. He was also a narrator for an eighteen-part TV show called Conquest! The Price Of Victory - Witness The Journey of the Trojans!

Currently, he can be seen in various ads, like in the commercials for Old Spice, Bud Lights, etc. Acting and football kept aside, Weathers is also a part of the US Olympic Committee and also a member of Big Brothers. He’s had three marriages, all of which ended in divorce. The first marriage was with Mary Ann Castle, with whom he has two children. His second marriage was with Rhona Unsell while the third one was with Jennifer Peterson.