Birthday: 31-05-1922
Date of death: 06-10-1992
Star sign: Gemini

Denholm Mitchell Elliott is an English actor, who is known for his works in the film, theater, and television industry. His career spanned over forty years, and he has credit for doing over 120 movies and TV shows. Denholm was born in Ealing, London to Myles Layman Elliott and Nina Mitchell. In his childhood, Denholm lost the top part of the thumb on his right hand because of an accident with a lawnmower. He was first married to Virginia McKenna and then married Susan Robinson. They were married for almost thirty years and together, they have a son and daughter. His son is Mark Elliott and daughter was Jennifer, who ended her life when she was in her thirties. Susan also set up The Denholm Elliott Project in her husband's memory. She also helped with the writing of his biography. Later on, it was found that Denholm is bisexual.

Denholm went to Malvern College in Worcestershire for his high school studies, and he then went to Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 1939. He did not complete his university studies and dropped out from the Academy. A statue dedicated to him is kept outside the Marshall College. Later, he joined the Royal Air Force during World War 2 and served in the NO. 76 Squadron. He was a trainee sergeant, gunner and radio operator. He was also honored with the post of the Commander of the British Empire in 1988. In 1942, during the war, his plane crashed into the sea, and he was captured and imprisoned in Silesia.

His debut movie was Dear Mr. Peacock, and his last film was Noises Off. Denholm has worked with many famous directors like David Lean, James Ivory, Steven Spielberg. His memorable works include King Rat, Defense of the Realm, Maurice, Voyage of the Damned, and many others. In spite of the large number, he is fondly remembered for his work in the movies Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, in which he played the role of Dr. Marcus Brody. He has done many stage performances and has also performed for the Royal Shakespeare Company. He has also performed in various TV shows like Follow the Yellow Brick Road, ‘Thriller’, Brimstone and Treacle, and Blade in the Feather. He took over the role of Michael Aldridge in The Man in Room 17 for one season as Michael was ill.

Denholm was nominated for Oscar in the year 1986 for his role in Room With A View. He also received an Academy Award non-denominational for the same movie. In 1980, he received the BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actor. He became the only actor who received this award for three consecutive years. He received this award for his role in the movies A Private Function, Defense of the Realm and for Trading Places in which he had the role of a kind butler. Denholm passed away in Ibiza, Spain and the cause of his death was AIDS-related Tuberculosis.