Birthday: 30-11-1951
Age: 67
Star sign: Sagittarius

Frankie’s date of birth is 13 November 1951. His place of birth Is Hong Kong . Currently in year 2017 he is 65 years old. Frankie a Chinese martial arts actor as well as a film director and producer. A film director is also known as yu shan chen. He is also awarded as hong kong film awards in 1995 for wong kar-wai’s fallen angels as the best original film score. Chan is married to Sheila having one spouse naming Sheila chan. He dropped out of secondary school and entered as child labor I Shaw brothers. There he started working in the sound department and learning of film which was scoring from a famed composer Wang fu-ling. In 1970 scoring for the director of Chang Cheh’s the singing killer in and other in 1971 naming the new one-armed swordsman. Then he started a kick starting which comprises career of some 30 years in which he wrote the score for nearly around 300 films.

He again started acting in the 1980s for his first film known as golden harvest’s read lips which were further followed by Sammo hung’s the prodigal son in 1981. He started working with co-stars naming Josephine Siao when he started directing with the perfect match in 1982. After that Frankie was then directed and acted in all of always good’s productions. As per addition for scoring Chan was involved in more than 20 films for his directing as well as the producer. ” Hong Kong action cinema fans” is best known by Chan as he is one of the main antagonist in SAMMO HUNG’S THE PRODIGAL SON. As mentioned earlier he directed and composed many of films during 1970s-1980s like the young master and odd couple. Afterwards, he was directed as executive director for Jackie Chan.

There he started as directing and some of the car stunts in movies like the armour of God 2 –operation condor in 1991. After that in 1997 in china, he produced and directed in drama series “the last tango in Shanghai”. In filmography, he became more famous for “the grandmasters” in 2013 and “ashes of time redux” in 2008 both in English. He took part in Taiwanese star, Darren Wang’s fan meetings in 2016 which took place in Ewha womans university at Samsung Hall on July 13th. During this event, he revealed her fangirl side towards Song Joong - ki which was watched by an amazing star called Song Joong - ki two times. He reverts back if he could work again on “our times” again I would surely like to work with him.