Birthday: 03-07-1969
Age: 49
Star sign: Leo

Gedeon Burkhard is an actor known for playing Alexander Brandtner in the German television series, Kommissar Rex, Chris Ritter in Alarm for Cobra 11, and Corporal Wilhelm Wicki in Quentin Tarantino’s historical film, Inglourious Basterds.

Gedoen was born to Wolfgang Burkhard, and the actress, Elisabeth von Molo, in Munich, Germany. Wolfgang Burkhard is currently Gedeon’s manager. Burkhard is also the great-grandson of the legendary German actor, Aleksander Moisiu. Burkhard pursued his education at a boarding school in the United Kingdom. The inception of Burkhard’s career took place in 1979 when, at the age of 10, he featured in Aunt Maria, a German television film. Consequently, Burkhard also played the role of Hartmut Keller in Robert Muller’s mini-series, Blood, and Honor: Youth Under Hitler, which made him the only actor to not be dubbed as he was fluent in both, German and English. Later on, Burkhard also undertook speech and acting classes to concentrate more on establishing himself as an actor. The year of 1988 saw Burkhard featuring alongside the legendary Tony Curtis in Thomas Brasch’s movie, Welcome to Germany. In the following year, Burkhard was casted in the Jami Gertz starrer, Silence Like Glass. 1992 saw Burkhard featured in the Sonke Wortmann-directed comedy, Little Sharks. In the year 1993, Burkhard featured in Katja von Garnier-directed, Making Up. Burkhard gained acclamation for his role of Alexander Brandtner in the popular television show, Kommissar Rex, and the fictional hero, Chris Ritter, in the police drama, Alarm For Cobra 11. The 2006 war movie, The Last Train, saw Burkhard in the lead role alongside Lale Yavas and Lena Beyerling. Quentin Tarantino’s American historical film, Inglourious Basterds featured Burkhard as a Jewish orphan. In 2011, Burkhard was casted in Marcus Rosenmuller’s war movie, Wunderkinder, alongside Catherine Flemming, Konstantin Wecker, and Gudrun Landgrebe. Burkhard has also featured in numerous films such as Bergstein’s comedy, Ohne Gnade, and the David Worth-directed, Between the Olive Trees, among many others.

Since 2010, Burkhard has been the host for Hollywood in Vienna, a gala concert. In the year 2011, Burkhard was featured in the Italian version of the reality show, Dancing with the Stars, alongside Samanta Togni.