Birthday: 30-01-1930
Age: 89
Star sign: Aquarius

Eugene Allen Gene Hackman was born on 30th Jan 1930 in the San Bernardino city of California in the United States. He is also known by the name Eugene Alder. The actors’ height is 6 feet 2 inches. He is the ex-husband of Fay Maltese. The couple got married in 1956 and split in 1986. They are the parents of Christopher Allen, Leslie Anne, and Elizabeth Jean. He then married his current wife, Betsy Arakawa in 1991. Allen did his schooling from the Storm Lake High School in the Storm Lake of the Buena Vista County, USA. At the age of 16, he left his school and got enrolled in the Marine Corps of USA. He worked in the Marine Corp for four and a half year. Eugene has also worked like a dog catcher for an animal shelter. He shifted to California and joined the Pasadena Playhouse to learn to act.

Ironically at Pasadena Playhouse, Eugene was voted out as he was considered the “Least Likely to Succeed”. He did his first film, Mad Dog Coll, in 1961. In this movie, he played the role of a police officer but unfortunately he wasn’t credited for his performance. Gene is best known for his performance in Bonnie and Clyde in 1967. It was a biographical movie based on the life of two people, Clyde, and Bonnie, during the mid-years of the Great Depression. Both the characters end up falling into the trap of crime due to their economic problems and eventually become partners. Gene played the role of Buck Barrow, who was the elder brother of Clyde and also a member of the Burrow Gang. His other major role was in the movie, The French Connection, in 1971.

This movie was directed by William Friedkin, along with Philip D’Antoni. Gene played the role of Det. Jimmy Popeye Doyle, a detective from the New York Police Department. He and his partner together search for a drug mafia from NYC named, Alain Charnier. The movie was a super success all over the world. It received five Oscar Awards, as well as two BAFTA Awards and many other awards and nominations. Eugene has won two Academy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and two BAFTA awards in the Best Actor category for the movie, The French Connection. On 7th July 2004, in a show with Larry King, Hackman made the announcement of his retirement from the film industry. After his retirement from the American film cinema, Gene continued his hobby of writing novels. He is credited for the writing of nine American novels, including Payback at Morning Peak (2011), Pursuit (2013), Justice for None (2001), and others.



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