Birthday: 04-11-1896
Date of death: 23-01-1992
Star sign: Sagittarius

Ian Wolfe was born in Illinois, the United States on 4th November 1896. He was an actor by profession and also a theater artist. He was a part of more than 400 films and delivered his best performance in most of them. He was interested in acting since he was a child. He was the industry since 1934 and worked with many great actor and actress and collaborated with many directors and producers. He debuted in the film world with “The Barrett’s of Wimpole Street” but his portrayal of the character did not fetch his popularity neither he came in the eyes of the audience. His next “Mutiny on the Bounty” brought him immense popularity and the audience loved him, and the people started to talk about him.

His other works include Julius Caesar, Saboteur, and Rebel’s without a cause, etc. In 1946, Wolfe portrayed the character of a lawyer trapped in an asylum. Strange activities happened in that place, and they are trying to rebuild the structure for the patients, the story follows how they commit to their promise and end up helping all of them. He is an American by birth, but they usually cast him as an Englishmen because of his exposure and enactment qualities. He was a part of the Sherlock Holmes series that telecasted during the mid of the 19th century. Wolfe was in “ The Lone Ranger” series launched in 1949; he characterized the role of a doctor in one of its episodes.

In it, he plans to camouflage himself as another person and cheat a man by collecting the payment that the actual man was supposed to receive. The show received the highest TRP ratings for that episode. He continued to work in TV series like Bread and Circuses, The Feather and Father Gang, and Wizards and Warriors, etc. Despite his young age, Ian Wolfe looked considerably old and usually played the part of old men in flicks but never gave up acting and continued to perform. He was a medical specialist during the World War I. He was a part of famous Star Trek series. His last appearance happened in the 1990 release, “Dick Tracy”. Apart from acting, he also wrote poetry and published two of them later. He married Elizabeth Schroder in 1924 and had two children with her. In 1992, Ian Wolfe left the world and leftgreat performances for the youngsters to watch and learn from it.



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