Birthday: 31-08-1928
Date of death: 18-11-2002
Star sign: Virgo

James Coburn was a well - known actor in America. He was born on 31st August in 1928. He has done more than 70 films, while the majority of movies he acted in are action-oriented. With that, he had done 100 appearances on television, during a total of 45 years of career.

In 1997, he won the Academy Award for supporting role in the movie named Affliction. His appearance was of a stong guy in various movies that he has done including Our Man Flint, You Sucker, The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape, Cross of Iron, etc. In Hollywood, he had the image of strong looking and cool guy. While talking about his life in early stages he was born in Laurel, Nebraska in 1928. His mother was an immigrant from Sweden while his father was from Scots-Irish ancestry. He was brought up in Compton of California, and he went to Compton Junior College there.

During 1950, he also got himself enlisted in Army of United States. There he was working as a truck driver and even sometimes worked as a disc jockey in the Texas on radio stations of Army. He had also worked to narrate training movies of Army in Mainz of Germany. He also attended City College of Los Angeles and studied action there. Then in La Jolla Playhouse he made a debut for his stage in Herman Melville's Billy Budd.

Even he also got selected for razor commercial of Remington Products. In this, he was able to shave beard growth of 11 days in duration which was less than sixty seconds. While talking about his early work, his debut came in 1959. He also came in many television roles, like he appeared in Butch Cassidy in the episode of Wells Fargo tales. In the NBC series of Adventure and drama, he was a co-star with Joi Lansing. In Perry Mason of CBS, he appeared two times as the guest and in these two roles John was the victim of murder.

During 1960’s and 1970’s, in some action and western films he got great fame for his tough guy looks and roles. Some of these movies includeThe Great Escape, Charade, Major Dundee, The Americanization of Emily, etc. In 1966, he was seen as a genuine star. In the year followed by 1966, he was chosen as 12th biggest star in Hollywood and in 1973 he got the honour of the most famous star. Due to rheumatoid arthritis, during 1980’s, he appeared in very fewer movies, but still he kept his work continue until he got died in 2002.Even he was very fond of writing songs and has written many songs with Lynsey de Paul, who is a British singer as well as writes songs.

The credit of fond of cars goes to his father’s garage, and this interest remained with him throughout his whole life. Even in 1960’s,he owned the car Ferrari 250 GT Lusso and Ferrari 250 GT Spyder California SWB, which was just 13 of 56 constructed. On November 18, 2002, he died because of heart attack. At the time of his death, at Beverly Hills, he was hearing the music



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