Birthday: 13-11-1947
Age: 71
Star sign: Sagittarius

Joe Mantegna also known as Joseph Anthony is an American director, actor, writer, voice actor and producer. He started his career with stage performance and later in 1980 he made the appearance in movies. In 1991, he voiced the character of Fat Tony on The Simpsons. With over 100 roles to his account, including the screen and stage, Mantegna scored big in 2006 with a lead role in TV Criminal Minds, where he found still a lot more enduring success.

Joe Mantegna was born in Chicago and went to DePaul University, where he studied acting. He made his first stage appearance in 1969 with the classical Hair after which he graduated from the DePaul’s Goodman School of Drama which is now known as the Theatre School in acting. His first appearance on the screen was with the short movie Medusa Challenger. He soon shifted his career into the television industry and got a role in the hit show Soap. He played the character of Juan One and was seen in seven episodes of the show. He even played guest roles in many series like Simon & Simon, The Greatest American Hero, Place; It’s a Living and Bosom Buddies. His stage performances were also very much appreciated by everyone.

He was part of Glengarry Glen Ross a play by David Mamet. The role in the play even earned him the Tony Award for the year 1984. His other work as a stage artist includes Speed the Plow in which he was seen with Madonna, The Disappearance of the Jews and A Life in the Theater. After a huge stage success, he moved to the big screen and featured in many movies which include 'The Money Pit' and 'Suspect', 'Compromising Positions', 'Things Change'.

In 1988 he won the Venice Film Festival Award for his performance in Things Change as the Best Actor. In the year 1990s, he continued with some good movie like Homicide, The Godfather III, Baby’s Day Out, Celebrity, and Searching for Bobby Fischer, Woody Allen's Alice, Thinner, Forget Paris and much more. He has even voiced for some famous characters of Fat Tony the Springfield mobster on The Simpsons Show.

His voice had appeared for more than 25 episodes from 1991 to 2015. He also featured in The Last Don, by Mario Puzo. That role made him get his first nomination at the Emmy Awards. He bagged a role in Lakeboat by David Mamet. In 2007, he got the role of David Rossi in Criminal Minds, a popular TV series. He played the character of David Rossi, the agent who works in the Behavioral Analysis Unit of FBI

. His character was a huge hit among the audience, and the show is currently in its 10th season. During this course, he even did some good movie like Redbelt, Nine Lives, and voiced for movies like Cars 2, Justice League: The New Frontier. Joe Mantegna got married to Arlene Vrhel in 1975, and the two have two children Mia, and Gina. He also served as the spokesperson for the Army Historical Foundation. His aim was to develop The National Army Museum. In 2011 he was honored with the Hollywood Walk of Fame Award.

Another version of Bio...

Joe Mantegna was born on 13th November, 1947 in Chicago, Illinois. Mantegna was an American producer, director, writer, and actor of Italian origin. He was a voice actor as well. He was born to Joseph Antony Mantegna, who was an insurance agent in Sicily and Marry Anne (Novelli) who was a shipping clerk in Italy. Joe was a Catholic Christian and had studied in the J. Sterling Morton High School in Cicero, Illinois.

He wanted to be an actor since always and studied acting at The Goodman School of Drama for two years: from 1967 to 1969. His career started when he played bass in a band named The Apocryphals. He also went on playing with a local group titled The Missing Links and then together they formed a musical band in Chicago. Mantegna is a good human being as well as he still is in touch with his old band mates.

In the year 1969, he made his acting debut with the movie Hair. He also wrote a skit named Bleacher Bums which was an award- winning play and it was first featured at Organic Theater Company in Chicago. Initially, he had been performing plays, and his portrayal as Richard Roma made him win The Tony Award. The skit was The Glengarry Glen Ross, which was directed by David Mamet. Till now he had done skits. In the year 1977, he made his feature film debut in the Medusa Challenger. It was a high grosser film, and everyone appreciated Mantegna.

Then his role as a dentist named Bruce Fleckstein in the movie Compromising Positions was admired by all. House of Games, Things Change, was the movies which were acclaimed by the critics. His supporting roles in the films 'The Money Pit', 'Suspect' in the year 1987, and 'Weeds' were widely appreciated. In 1990, he proved to be one of the coolest hosts of the show Saturday Night Live.

His epic movie was Baby’s Day Out in which he played the role of the hilarious kidnapper. He played a treacherous mobster in the third part of The Godfather and won the Emmy Award for The Rat Pack. In 2004, he received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at The Italian Film Festival. He came in various animated movies as well and gave his voice for them. In the year 2011, he received a star on the Walk of Fame of Hollywood. The achievements and awards registered under his name are uncountable.