Birthday: 14-10-1951
Age: 67
Star sign: Scorpio

John Sumner is an English actor who is mostly known for his drama movies. Sumner was born on October 14th, 1951 in Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK. After spending nine years of his life in the United Kingdom, Sumner moved to Cape Town, South Africa with his family. After completing his secondary education, Sumner started his acting career at the age of 19. He used to perform in Auckland’s nightclubs.

His acting skills gained a lot of recognition, and soon enough he was cast for some local variety television shows. After two years of work as a side hero in many television series, Sumner finally got his first opportunity to lead in a major stage show. After that, he was offered a lot of roles in both television cinema and theatre plays. His most critically acclaimed performance was the portrayal of the character Charlie Brown in the series named You are a Good Man Charlie Brown. After that, he had a little setback, but later he again built his reputation of a versatile performer with the role of Emory in The Boys in the Band.

In 1976, Sumner had a change in career. He moved to the business end of the industry. He joined the RCA Records for maintaining the records of the sales. Sumner thought that there is no sustainable growth in an acting career, so he decided to move to a more secure future and joined the financial side of the industry. After working for 18 months for the RCA Records, he was transferred to Sydney, Australia. He was hired as the head of A&R and marketing at the Sydney Headquarters.

After the birth of her daughter, Sumner moved to New Zealand. There he joined a major video distributor as the head of the department. Sumner is known as the man who made that company successful. In 1985, Sumner left the business side of the film industry. In 1992, he was offered to work in a commercial. After that, he appeared in some campaigns.

His skills were again instantly recognized by both the critics and the viewers and because of these commercial, he was again offered roles in many television series and local films. After conquering the New Zealand Film Industry, Sumner was hired by many international studios. His skills of a professional actor and a database-marketing manager have brought a lot of success to many production houses. John resides in Auckland and has been married for the last 26 years and has two step sons and a daughter.


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