Birthday: 23-04-1959
Age: 60
Star sign: Taurus

Jonathan Sagall was born in Toronto, Canada on 23rd April 1959. Jonathan is an admired actor in Canada, also a film and TV series director. He and his family resided in Israel and shifted to Canada when Jonathan was 11. He had his primary education at Haifa; later he joined the Hebrew Reali School in the city from where he was later graduated. His mother is an actress at the Haifa Theatre; he is closely related to his mother.

He was seen in an Israeli Television series at the age of 18 but went unnoticed. In 1978, Jonathan played the character of Momo in the Israeli cult film, Popsicle through this movie he finally came to limelight and gathered heavy response and was acclaimed for his brilliant work; the movie had its sequels which received the same response at the box-office. Jonathan appeared as the lead actor in the 1983 release, Drifting.

The movie was the first Israeli film based on the theme of LGBT; the story is about a man, Robi. He lives with his grandparents and runs a store. He wants to become a movie director and craves to find true love. Robi falls in love with a man but is scolded by his grandparents for his homosexuality; they force him to marry a girl ad raise a family. In 1992, Jonathan appeared in the Schindler’s List directed by Steve Spielberg where he portrayed the character of Poldek Pfefferberg.

The story is about a German entrepreneur who saved thousands of life of the Polish-Jewish refugees by employing them at his factories during the Holocaust. In 1998, Jonathan wrote and directed Urban Feel; the story is about a couple who have a troubled marriage and the situation becomes worse when the wife’s ex-boyfriend enters their life.

The movie was immensely popular and received various nominations and was also a part of the 49th Berlin Film Festival. Jonathan has been into directing movies and also playing roles partly in them. In 2011, Jonathan wrote, directed and produced Lipstikka, the story of the picture is about two women who come together and work on the details of a life-changing incident that takes them back to Jerusalem when they were teenagers. Jonathan is also been actively involved in TV series; he was a part of HaMakom.