Birthday: 1988

Ray Fisher, an American stage Actor, was born in 1988 in Camden, New Jersey, United States. Ray Fisher did his High School education from Haddon Heights High School in New Jersey and was introduced to the Theatre by his English Teacher. He was an active participant in the theatrical and choir programs at school and used to sing in his church’s choir. It was after high school that he went to New York to study at American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Fisher has been performing with the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey since 2008.

He has performed in many plays, including a principal role in “To Kill a Mockingbird” as Tom Robinson, which was the Theatre’s production. He also acted in a Shakespearean play named “ Macbeth” in 2009 at the Drew University, Madison, New Jersey. He also portrayed the role of Young Muhammad Ali, a former American professional boxer in “Fetch Clay, Make Man”, a production of Off-Broadway in the year 2013. He gained as much as 20 pounds of muscle to play this role. Before bagging this role, he played a small role of the Nation of Islam Body Guard at the play’s debut at Princeton’s McCarter Theater. He felt that the voice of Muhammad Ali was the most difficult to capture as they both have different registers and Ali has a high-pitched, melodic voice.

Before this role, he mostly did Shakespearean Theatre, and he feels that this was more contemporary than Shakespeare, but is same in terms of rhythm and language. Ray Fisher is best remembered for his role in a short film titled “The Good, the Bad and the Confused”. Apart from this, he played the role of Captain Edward Dwight in an Episode of “The Astronaut’s Wife” in 2015.

He was last seen portraying a cameo role of a Superhero named “ Cyborg” also known as “Victor Stone” in the recent release Batman V Superman in 2016. “Cyborg” is the result of an accident that Victor Stone gets into and is saved by his father who is a Scientist. “Cyborg” is a Technopath, who can interact seamlessly with any technology, but his greatest challenge is not to give into technology and to stay human. It is also said that he may reprise his role of Superhero “Cyborg” in the Justice League Series Part One that is stated to release in 2017 and is currently being filmed. In October 2014, it was announced that Fisher may have his own solo film “Cyborg” in 2020.

When asked about the same, he responded that it was unexpected to think he may get his own stand-alone film, and his mind is still boggled by this specific development. When asked by a reporter how he describes himself, he described himself as “most dedicated”.