Birthday: 30-04-1986
Age: 32
Star sign: Taurus

Dianna Elise Agron is a very famous face in the Hollywood entertainment industry and has been an acclaimed and versatile artist. She has established herself not just as an actress but is a very successful singer asides being a director of music videos and a wonderful dancer too. She took birth on 30th of April in the year 1986 to Mary and Ronald S. Agron. She was born in Savannah, Georgia and was brought up for the most part in Texas, California and San Francisco. She is also blessed with a younger brother named Jason. Since the time that she was very young, she was very talented and skillful. She started dancing at a very tender age of 3 and excelled in dance genres like ballet and jazz, and when she grew up, she took training of hip hop too. She has also attended educational institutions like Hebrew School, Burlingame Intermediate School, and High School. Her childhood was a fairly devastated one because her parents got separated when she was very young and this disturbed her way too much. When she thought of entering the entertainment industry she was highly determined and made her debut by playing the role of Jessica Grant on a very famous television series named CSI: NY. She has also been very famously known for her role in Veronica Mars.

Glee, a successful comedy-drama, was another television series that she appeared in as Quinn Fabray, who was a high school cheerleader. She has not just entered the television industry but has also worked well in the film industry. Dianna has appeared in movies like I am Number Four in which she played the role of Sarah Hart and The Hunters in which she essayed the role of Alice. Not just movies and series, she has also appeared in stage plays. She made her debut with Life of Alexandra McQueen in which Dianna played the protagonist, McQueen. Dianna is highly versatile and is not just an established actress in the Hollywood television industry but is also a wonderful singer. She sang several singles like ‘Say a Little Prayer’, and ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’ which were featured in her TV series, Glee. She has made an appearance in various music videos like ‘Just Another Girl’ which was a single by the Killers.