Born to a German mother and Spanish father at Germany, she initiated performing from her childhood, only in various film productions like following: a) "Return to Neverland" and b) " The Nutcracker".

 Although, she has not realized her goals, until her time at Cornell University, that Elena critically considered a career in the film industry and took drama, to study. Thereafter, she graduated & moved to New York City. There, she pursued her drama & acting studies at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

A small stint at Florida actualized  her first starring role in a professional theatre production. Later on, she started receiving lots of call for several lead roles. After featuring in 10 films, she thought of going back to educational institutions to pursue her further studies at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London.

Shortly after, The Hunger Games: Catching fire, got her on the crew, to play the role of Cecelia. Since then, she had bagged roles, to play on The Walking Dead, Sleepy Hollow and many television shows and various feature films.

In her interview with Desde Hollywood, she told that she tries to relate to her role of Cecelia by thinking about what it would be like to give up most important thing in her life, within heart knowing that all of this was for a greater cause among humankind.

At the sets of Hunger Games: Catching Fire, she in her interview said that every day is like a classroom session for her. She tries to learn even little bits of minor skills from observing it in brilliant actors & crew that she had experienced or interacted during shoots.

Elena was always fond of stunts, the cause of her ideology that stunts, then gave her a reason to keep training, stay in shape and continue performing her best. In addition, she confessed that she is very proud of Spanish heritage & she cherishes it.