Birthday: 30-06-1984
Age: 34
Star sign: Cancer

Julie Engelbrecht was born on June 30, 1984, in Paris. She is a German; her mother is Constanze Engelbrecht who is an actress, and began her career by voicing for someone in the television series. She was voicing him for six years for the German serial called ‘Lessie.’ In 1970, in a TV show, she played as ‘Derrick, The Old Fox, Tatort.’ She gave her big-screen debut in 1984, and it goes on. Julie Engelbrecht, when she was 12 years old; she performed with her mother in a series named ‘Adieu, Mon Ami’ in 1996.

Her father Francois Nocher, he was an actor and a producer. He began his career through Radio first and later to screens. His debut is through, ‘Les Quatre Cents Coups’, it is a feature film directed by Francois Truffaut. He did some courses and took an internship at a town. He wrote screenplays for radio and plays. He being an associate producer produced three feature films, numerous shot and the movie One Minute for a Picture. In 1999 he co-directed and scripted, I Speak of a Time for Grand Theatre de Colombes. And then he married Constanze Engelbrecht, who died in 2000.

Julie was both into films and TV series . After working with her mother, she went to a Public University of Music in Hamburg, Germany from 2004 to 2007. In 2005 she appeared in a television series ‘Tatort’ as ‘Natalie Bracault’, the same year she performed as ‘Valerie Ulmendorff’ in a small screen sequel ‘Mutig in Die Neuen Zeiten’ for which she have been nominated for Undine Award under the category of ‘Best Young Actress in a Movie’. Others include, ‘Rumpelstilzchen’ (2009), ‘Alarm fur Cobra 11’ (2010), ‘Countdown’ (2011), and a few more.

She is the granddaughter of Alice Franz; who has voiced for animated series like ‘ Heidi’, ‘Sindbad’, and ‘Maya the Bee’. In television series she voiced for ‘Simpsons’, later then it took over by another person as it continued. The films she appeared in are as follows:- ‘Before the Fall’ (2004) as Katherina, ‘The Red Baron’ in 2008, ‘Berlin 36’(2009) she appeared as Elizabeth, ‘Barbecue’ as Julie in 2014, ‘ The Last Witch Hunter’ (2015) and a couple more.