Megan Guinan is an American writer and actress. She was born in The United States of America. She was also raised in the same place. She likes to call self a New Yorker. While growing up she wanted to be a lawyer. So after graduation from high school she applied to the Columbia University to learn the law. She didn’t clear the exam and thus didn’t get in. It was then she realized that she didn’t want to be a lawyer but would like to play one on TV. This is how it came to her that she might wish to be an actress.

She wanted to enroll herself in an Acting college but skipped it on the advice of her father. He explained to her that if she doesn’t see herself teaching theater arts someday then she shouldn’t apply to college. She took his advice and just went to start a career in acting without any education for it. She knows martial art and knitting. She hopes that someday she will get to fulfill her childhood dream of being Buffy. She played a role of Rachel Finch (the sassy younger sister of Brian) on TV series named “ Limitless.” Her character in the show adores her elder brother Brian ( Jake McDorman played it) who is not very smart.

Suddenly Brian becomes Mr. Know-it-all and his family and friends get very impressed with him but his little sister, Rachel, doubts that something is fishy about this behavior of his. Round Seven Films, a production company, are producing a script that she penned and she is focused on that. It is TV series (dark comedy) about a girl in a dysfunctional family. The father of the girl fakes his death and breaks the secret only to her to mess with the rest of the members because they are happy about his death and it made him resentful.

She has done films like Sleeping with Other People (2015) and Not Waving but Drowning (2014). She played the character named Alice in the former and Sara in the latter. In 2013, there was a ban on supersized sugary drinks in New York which she supported given the health hazards associated with it. She appeared as a guest star in teen American drama TV series named Gossip Girls. She played the role of Willa Weinstein. She is a young actress who has a lot of potential as well as fans who admired her performance in Limitless.