Birthday: 25-02-1976
Age: 43
Star sign: Pisces

The full name of Rashida Jones is Rashida Leah Jones. She is a notable actress, producer, author of comic books, screenwriter, and a singer. Rashida is famous for her roles on the political comedy television sitcom "Parks and Recreation" as Ann Perkins, American drama television series "Boston Public" as Louisa Fenn and an American television comedy series named "The Office" as Karen Filippelli. She played many characters in films like "I Love You, Man", an American romantic comedy film in 2009, " Our Idiot Brother", American comedy-drama film in 2011 which was directed by Jesse Peretz, etc. She was born in California. She is known to be the daughter of Peggy Lipton, an actress, and musician and Quincy Jones, who was a record producer. She has a sister named Kidada Jones, who is a model and an actress. Her father being an African-American, has Welsh and English ancestry, while Peggy Lipton, her mother is known to be an Ashkenazi Jewish. Rashida Jones studied in Hebrew School until the age of ten and later left it. Being raised by her mother in Reform Judaism, she refused to have a Bat Mitzvah. She grew in Bel Air's neighborhood Los Angeles. Her parents' had a mixed-race marriage and hence, they could not stay together as it was not tolerable even in the 1970s. She was a nerd at her school times and used to read about five books at a time under a flashlight. Jones knows how to play classical piano since she was young. She studied at The Buckley School in California. She formed an organization called National Honor Society and was known to be voted as the "Most Likely To Succeed" by all her classmates. She began to stay with her mother in Brentwood while her sister remained with her father when her parents got separated when she was 14 years. She later left California to continue her studies at Harvard University after her high school education. Rashida stayed at Eliot House, and she belonged to The Signet Society, Black Students Association, Harvard Opportunes, Harvard- Radcliffe Dramatic Club and Hasty Pudding Theatricals.

In the beginning, she wanted to become a lawyer, but she changed her mind after becoming disheartened by the trail of O. J. Simpson murder. She started performing arts. She worked as musical director for "Opportunes". For the 149th annual Hasty Pudding Theatricals presentation, she was the co-composer of the score and also played in several dramas. She completed her graduation in religion and philosophy in the year 1997. She was known to be in a relationship for about two and a half years with Tobey Maguire, an actor but it ended in 2000. She was engaged to Mark Ronson, a music producer in 2003. The relationship, however, ended after one year. She was found dating the former director of speechwriting for the American President Barack Obama, Jon Favreau. She started practicing the Hindu religion( though she was raised as a Jewish in her early teenage) after she visited a monastery in India. She is known to practice Judaism as an adult. She says she had gone through several periods when she felt that she is only black or Jewish, but now she has a balance. She made her debut in the film "The Last Don" based on the novel by Mario Puzo. She then played in "If These Walls Could Talk 2", "Myth America" and "East of A". She was a guest star in "Freaks and Greeks" in the year 2000. She played a supporting character in "Full Frontal" and acted like a star in "Now You Know" and in a short film named "Roadside Assistance." She then acted in "Death of a Dynasty" and Comedy Central's two episodes.

She acted in HBO film in 2004, but her scenes were deleted from the final version of the broadcast. She also played in Little Black Book and NY-LON. She wanted to pursue graduation in public policy before she was given the offer to play the role of "The Office". She also played cameo characters in both the films under the direction of David Wain namely, "The Ten" and American comedy film, " Role Models". The latter appeared on the Blu-ray release. She was the love interest in music video named "Long Road to Ruin". In 2009, she voiced many roles in the show named Robot Chicken. She also played the character Hannah in American comedy-drama film "Brief Interviews with Hideous Men" which was screened in 2009 during the Sundance Film Festival. At Harvard, in the American Biographical drama film, " The Social Network", she acted alongside Justin Timberlake, Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg in 2010. She acted as Marylin Delpy, who is a legal associate assisting the defense of Mark Zuckerberg, The Facebook creator. In 2010, she played in Monogamy opposite an American actor Chris Messina. The film was released in 2011 after premiering at Tribeca Film Festival. In the same year, she acted in other movies like Friends with Benefits, a comedy film named " The Big Year", American musical comedy film called " The Muppets" and American comedy-drama film "Our Idiot Brother." As a voice guest star, she took part in the episode of The Simpsons which was titled "The Changing of The Guardian" opposite Danny DeVito in episode 11 of the season 24. She was the producer of "Hot Girls Wanted", a documentary film in 2015 which was acquired by Netflix. She sold Celeste and Jesse Forever, her first comedy screenplay in the year 2009. She was the co-writer of the script along with McCormack, which released in the year 2012. She was published in a magazine named "Teen Vogue" where she was an editor.

She took part in writing chapter 36 of the biography of her father. She is well known for her projects on online comedy series. She was selected as the spokeswoman of Dove in 2011 for Dove Nourishing Oil Care Collection. In the year 2015, she started acting for Verizon Fios. She worked to teach children to resolve their conflicts with nonviolence to promote peace. She was a board member of the organization since 2004. She participated in many events too. She has done many political works too. She campaigned for the presidential candidates of Democratic Party from 2008 to 2012. She visited many college campuses in 2008 in Missouri to encourage voter registration. In the year 2012, she also campaigned with Adam Scott, her co-star in lowa. She previously worked in the campaign of John Kerry, Democratic candidate for the election 2004 speaking about the public gallery and student rallies in Ohio.