Sophie Tuner

Other names of Sophie Tuner: Sophie Turner
Birthday: 21-02-1996
Age: 23
Star sign: Pisces

Born in the year 1996 to a nursery school teacher and a worker of a Pallet Distribution Company, Sophie Turner is an English actress. At the small age of two, she shifted to Chesterton in Warwickshire. She did her schooling in Chesterton and has been a member of The Playbox Theater Company since the age of three. Her childhood was fun as she had two elder brothers who were always there to amuse her. They played in the mud with pigsties and barn. She was not very good in drama and attained B grade in it.

Her professional debut has been in one of the leading HBO TV serials, ‘Game Of Thrones’. She played the role of Sansa Stark in it. She was encouraged by her drama teacher to audition for the role and luckily she got selected. Through her acting, she managed to make space in everyone’s heart. She received the Best Performance Young Artist Award in a TV Series – Supporting Actress for her character as Sansa in the year 2012.

She has appeared in all of the seasons of Game of Thrones, which shows her dedication towards her work. Her first big screen role was in the movie ‘Another Me’, which was an independent thriller film and the base was a novel written by Catherine McPhail. It was a hit. Then she tried herself in comedy and came in the picture ‘ Barely Lethal’, alongside American actress Hailee Steinfeld. She stole the show in it. Her voice was melodious and commanding so she narrated the audiobook of the short story ‘The Girl in the Mirror’ by Lev Grossman. In the year 2013, she also featured in the television movie ‘The Thirteenth Tale’. It was a drama film and was based on a book as well. Sophie played the role of Adeline in it.

The recently released hit ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ also had her in an important role. She was the one to play the young mutant Jean Grey in the movie. It came out in the year 2016 and was based on superheroes and supernatural powers. Bryan Singer directed it and trusted Sophie to be a part of it. She would also appear in the picture 'Berlin; I Love You, of the Cities of Love (produced by Emmanuel Benbihy) franchise. She has received various awards like Guild Award, Empire Hero Award, Glamour Award, and amny more. She continues doing her versatile work.