Shonali Sabherwal


Shonali Sabherwal is an Indian nutritionist. She has served as a well-known nutritionist for many famous celebrities. She also holds her own website named The site is all about the different macrobiotic ways that we can use in our daily diet and lifestyle. Under the name,, Shonali supports all commodities which include her meals, consultations, & ready-to-eat foods. She has supported and been a part of the macrobiotic practice and culture since 2006 in India. She has even written the books like The Love Diet and The Beauty Diet. She is the country’s first qualified and certified therapist and mentor in the subject Macrobiotics from the Kushi Institute, which is in the US. She is a specialist in Macrobiotics.

Shonali has also received a degree in Marketing Research from the Marquette University in the USA. Before turning a full-time nutritionist, Shonali has served as a Marketing Research for long 12 years in Pathfinders, MRAS Dun & Bradstreet, Lintas. Her last work was for AC Nielsen after which she turned to Macrobiotics as a full-time career option. She did the course Solomon Yogalates from the Louise Solomon in Australia. Shonali is also the first Indian teacher specialized in the subject of Solomon Yogalates.

The first time when Shonali became aware of macrobiotics was when her father was examined with prostate cancer. It was after that she started finding more knowledge about the disease and ways in which she could help her father to come out of it. She started looking for various habits through which she could help her father battle the disease. It was during this period when she started researching about the disease and learned about the diet that would improve one’s sickness from inside.

The treatment focuses on the use of food as the main ingredient to balance any kind of imbalance which is caused in the body. She started off with her mother and trained Mona Schwartz, a resident of Dehradun. After her father had died, she continued researching on various foods and illness that can be solved by food.

Even after the demise of her father, she continued her studies and ways of advancing with the disease. In 2005, she thought of shifting her career to Macrobiotics. After having a good career as a nutritionist in Macrobiotics, she even started counseling in 2008. She began catering service of health meals which would help people in their daily life. She even has her official website in which she gives the suggestion, updates recipes and answers various queries.


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