Birthday: 07-08-1983
Age: 35
Star sign: Virgo

The Malaysian Hip Hop and Rap based Indian singer Charles John MacCallum or Charley Georgetown is well known as Rabbit Mac. He was born on 7th August 1983 in Penang, Georgetown, Malaysia.He is functional in the Malaysian musical industry. He did over 50 albums with many other artists and became famous in Asian regions such as Singapore, India, Canada and Sri Lanka.

Rabbit Mac started his professional music career by making the mix of both English and Tamil songs and made underground music from them.His passion for music career was so evident in his works that some of the owners of the leading lounges and pubs observed him and offered him shows like hip-hop shows and Gigs in Penang. With Mista West and D.J. Bluezi he teamed up and composed his first studio album in 2005 and with a movie Maindhan which is the most expensive Tamil film, he debuted with his label mate Sheezay. He is a Composer of a sound track for India's Jaya TV's "Thuppariyam Pulli.” He likes collecting movie tickets and Malaysian Ringgits in his spare time. He experienced his first music experience from Kindergarten, P.Ramlee's Song (Achi Achi buka pintu) and got his breakthrough from Graveyard Inc's Provoked.

This handsome hunk likes different styles of chicken and Chinese vegetarian Saapade in food.He loves Malaysian songs, Mike Jackson, Rawks and Believe dat! Rabbit Mac loves to do creative things like designing and photography. His innovative personality had an influence on others. He has also done playback singing in Race Gurram- Sweety Song, Biriyani- Run for your life, Yatchan- Champion, Bruce Lee - The fighter- Ria and in Kabali - Wilayah Kabali with the co- singers such as Siddharth Mahadevan, Gaana Bala, Sheezay, Rub a Bend, Deepak, Waris. He created his own originality and reputation for himself. Rarely anyone knows that he found about his talent from his dad's passion for music. He started his musical journey from the age of 13.His fan following also increased from Friendster to Myspace to Facebook.

He became popular in networking sites from his creative talent of hip-hop and rap music. Music knows no language.It has no barriers, no boundries. Rabbit Mac struggled a lot that's why he achieved the success in his life. Success always finds the talent and makes that happen in reality. Rabbit Mac is one of those examples of that talent. He is indeed a motivation for the new generation.