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Christoph Fisser

Birthday: 1960



Christoph Fisser is a German film producer and the vice-president of the famous production company Babelsberg Studio, located in Babelsberg, Germany. Fisser was born in 1960.

Fisser is a renowned name in the entertainment industry and has produced many famous films such as " The Grand Budapest Hotel", " The Monuments Men", "Inglourious Basterds", etc. Babelsberg Studio was bought over by Fisser and his partner Charlie Woebcken from the French giant Vivendi in 2004. They faced some issues in taking over control of the company because of interference from the former owners of the company and also because the studio is located in an area in Germany to which both Fisser and Woebcken were foreigners. But now they have eighty-eight permanent employees and are progressing at a steady pace.

Fisser conducts independent business as well, managing and organising events. He was awarded the Bambi for the Munich demonstration against xenophobia that he organized in 1992. In that year, he also took on lease an old army barracks ground and converted it into a media park for the public. He is the Managing Director of ZFF (Zentrum fur Film) which is a joint venture between Babelsberg Studio and the city of Potsdam.

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