Birthday: 21-02-1943
Age: 75
Star sign: Pisces

David Lawrence Geffen or David Geffen is an American business tycoon, a film producer, a philanthropist, a film studio, a singer and a song writer. David is a multi talented guy who has earned fame for himself by creating a music empire and his contribution to musical world will be honored for ages.

David Geffen was born on February 21, 1943 at Brooklyn, New York, United States. His father's name was Abraham Geffen and mother's name was Batya Volovskaya. His mother owned a small clothing shop to make their earning. In 1960, he graduated from New Utrecht High School. After that, he got admitted in University of Texas at Austin and dropped out a semester later. Then, he took admission in the Brooklyn College but dropped again. To make a business in the industry of entertainment, he went to Los Angeles, California. There he went to Santa Monica College but left very soon. His filmy career began with a brief appearance in "The Explosive Generation." Geffen direly wanted the job at William Morris Academy's mail room. But in order to gain that one should be graduate. Geffen had to lie in the interview. He worked there for sometime but soon he left the job to became a personal manager and got success in that. Geffen and Elliot Roberts are the founders of Asylum Records(1970) which merged with Elektra Awards in 1972. Geffen controlled the charge of the awards till December 1975.

In 1977, he retired officially, when he was mistakenly reported to have Cancer. In late 1970s, he taught music and arts at Yale University. Later in 1980, it was discovered that the report was not correct and Geffen had no health issues. In 1980, he founded Geffen Awards. He had his own film company known as the Geffen Film Company. He made some movies under its banner like "Beetlejuice," "Risky Business," and "Little Shop of Horrors." In 1994, he co-founded a studio with Steven Spielburg and Jaffery Katzenburg named as The DreamWorks SKG studio. However, Geffen left it in 2008. Geffen is a well-known philanthropist in America. He has decided that whatever he will earn, he will give it as charity. He has supported many organizations that encourage people to fight with chronic diseases. He donated to the arts and theatre.

He donated a huge amount of unrestricted money to ULCA as a result of which School of Medicine at ULCA was renamed as Geffen School of Medicine at ULCA in 2002. The Philharmonic Hall was renamed as David Geffen Hall after he donated $100 Million US Dollars in 2015. Some sources including the Forbes say that Geffen was one of the 400 richest Americans of 2004. Geffen financially supported the politicians like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. He received Ahmet Ertegun Award in 2010 from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

For the incredible contributions to the music industry, he won the President's Merit Award at 53rd Grammy Awards in 2011. Geffen is the shareholder of the sixth largest motor yacht of the world i.e. Rising Sun and a 115m yacht Pelorous.This all proves that Geffen is one of richest people of this planet, definitely a great human being, and a passionate artist.


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