David Womark is one talented producer and director for assistance in the industry that it is impossible to pen down his numerous contributions. He is a person whose concept behind the camera hard work always pays off. The way he puts the idea to practice and brings out the essential theme of movies is commendable. Coming to the industry with an aim in mind, today he has established his image quite well. Talking about his career, he started in the early 1980’s. He used to assist the director of various movies. In 1982 he was the associate producer for ‘The last American virgin’.

The following year he produced ‘One more chance.’ He was the second unit director of ‘Revenge of Ninja’ and ‘Over the Brooklyn Bridge.’ He believed in proving your actions in business and not merely showing off by word of mouth. After he had experienced few genres, he also tried his luck in the television. He became the director for ‘Red shoe diaries’ in 1984 where he worked on segments, videos, and many episodes. He became the production manager and assistant director for the fictional action film ‘Ninja III: The denomination’.

Other movies in which he assisted for direction were ‘Thunder Alley’, ‘Invaders from Mars’, ‘Critters 2’, ‘Night game’, ‘Bad influence’ and ‘Judgement.’ Though initially his movies were met with the average response, beyond 1990 there was a change in perception. Movies such as the romantic ‘A dangerous woman’ won at ‘Tokyo International Film Festival.’ ‘Paris trout’ received five Primetime Emmy nominations and won Directors Guild of America Award USA. Working simultaneously for both television and big screen he earned a great amount of learning in this field. In 1997 he managed the production of the award winning ‘X-files’ and ‘Edtv.’ In 2000, he was the production manager for ‘How the Grinche stole the Christmas.’ It was a blockbuster hit and received dozens of accolades.

In the following year, he managed the making of the much acclaimed ‘ Jurassic Park III.’ The saga continued, and David was an eminent name in the industry. In 2003, ‘Hulk’ was a super hit. Gradually his films saw distinct genres and novelty. This was a point to be appreciated. He is known for his work and assistance in the adventurous movie ‘Stardust’ in 2007. ‘G.I Joe: the rise of Cobras’ was among the top box office films. His next venture was ‘Life of Pi’. He worked along Angl Lee and Gil Nitter on this subject. This project was an outcome of three years of research.

The fictional film is based on a boy who learns the meaning of life and starts to believe in the existence of supreme almighty by facing various instances in life. The beautiful direction of this movie made it a huge success. It broke all records. It won four Oscar Awards and other hundreds of accolades. With such an enormous response it became the best film of his career. According to him ‘Life of Pi is a celebration of storytelling.’ His recent project includes ‘ Deepwater Horizon’ and ‘ Love Sonia.’ Bollywood stars Richa Chadha and Anupam Kher will be part of Love Sonia- a film based on human trafficking.