Gabrielle Tana is a British film producer who made her mark in Hollywood with two big films ‘Philomena’ and ‘ The Invisible Woman’ that became the cynosure of everyone’s eyes. With just two films, she has established herself as one of the most significant British film producers and achieved critical and box office success.

Tana has gained a reputation as her film ‘‘Philomena’ is one of the greatest films. It was an adaptation based on a novel, and this film was nominated for Academy Awards and even BAFTA awards in 2014. ‘Philomena’ swept the Venice International Film Festival and even Toronto International Film Festival. In the year 2011, Gabrielle Tana produced a film titled ‘ Coriolanus’ which was the adaptation of William Shakespeare's tragedy Coriolanus. This film also received a huge critical response.

Tana is always in search of good stories, which is her priority. She has been in production business for over 25 years and earlier had taken up work In Disney (France) and later felt that she can become an independent producer. She migrated from France to New York in order to establish herself as a film producer. Then she made her debut as a European independent film producer. She made a film titled ‘Someone Else's America’ which had involvement of the French and Germans, and it was directed by Goran Paskaljevic.

This film placed her in New York and after which there was no looking back for her. After migrating to New York, Tana made a film ‘Animals’ for Michael Di Jiacomo in 1998. Later on, she made another sensational film, ‘The Duchess’ in 2008 which was directed by Saul Dibb. In her career, she has maintained cordial relationships with many directors and even joined hands with many distributors too.

Her film ’The Invisible Woman’ was based on the secret love affair between Charles Dickens and Nelly Ternana that lasted until Dicken’s death (1870). The film had excellent performance from the cast and was a highly successful movie in the box office.


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