Birthday: 06-11-1952
Age: 66
Star sign: Sagittarius

Gary Michael Goetzman was born on November 6, 1952. He is 64 years old and lives in California, United States. He is an astonishing Producer as well as actor. He is a television as well as a film producer. He is the Co-founder of the Playtone with another actor Tom Hanks. Gary began his career at a very small age; he is contributing in the industry since his childhood. In 1984 Gary was the producer of Talking Heads and the director was Jonathan Demme. Goetzman and Demme again came together and made a blockbuster film The Silence Of The Lambs which acquired many awards including the award for Best Picture. In 1993 Demme was directing a movie named Philadelphia and Goetzman was the executive producer of the film and Tom Hanks was cast in this film.

As the working relationships increased with Tom they together founded the very popular The Playtone Company. After that Goetzman became a well-known producer and he produced many films such as That Thing You do, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and much more. He has also got many Emmys for the series in HBO like Band of Brothers, The Pacific and others. Goetzman is no doubt a remarkable producer but despite this he has also played several small roles or supporting roles in many films he is involved in. He is a multi-talented person and an expert in multi-tasking. He os also a music composer and producer. He has worked with many incredible artists like Smokey Robinson, Natalie Cole, very popular Staples Sisters and many others.

He is one of the Board of Directors of the Guild Of America. He was also a co-executive producer of certain miniseries of the documentaries of CNN like The Sixties which showed culture and events of the United States during the Sixties. This was followed by the Seventies and this covered the events and culture of the United States during the seventies. The Eighties was followed by the seventies and this showed the culture and events of United States during the Eighties. As music Supervisor he has done many films like Something Wild which is an amazing film based on a different concept that a free spirited women kidnap a businessman and live together Colors is a movie about two cops who fight against racism in the country. The Price Of Pennsylvania (1990) is a very popular film. All his life he has contributed a lot in the industry.