From the very tiny experiences she learnt from the greatest directors, she grew to the heights of one of the greatest producers of worldwide blockbusters, and entertained the global audience. She is Janet Healy. Janet Healy is the producer of the best flicks in Hollywood like ‘ Minions’, Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2, and Shark Tale, to name a few.

Janet Healy didn't reach great heights in just one leap. She had to climb each and every step to become a successful producer. In her early days, she worked with an outstanding director, Steven Spielberg, who created Close Encounters of the Third Kind. He also directed a movie called ‘1941’, which resulted as an all time hit in Hollywood. Later, she got an interest in visual aspects of the films she has worked in, and thought of going for it. She joined as the co-head of the production department in a visual effects company by George Lucas called Industrial Light and Music (ILM). During her career at ILM, she did an outstanding contribution for Hollywood films Jurassic Park and Terminator 2: Judgement Day, in the field of visual effects. Terminator 2 is an action entertainer for which there is a greater acceptance from the thriller lovers. Jurassic Park is the movie which appealed not just to the children, but also to the entire family. This is how she came closer to the people of all tastes. She encouraged the use of 2D and 3D techniques for enhancing the visual aspects of the movie. Nonetheless, she is the one who took the courage to introduce the latest technology at ILM. Soon, she took the place of the Visual Effects Producer and extended her work to Joe Versus the Volcano.

Yet another milestone in the career of Janet Healy is joining as the Head of Digital Production at Walt Disney in 1995. With all her knowledge in visual effects, she gave a visual feast to the audience with Dinosaur and Multan. Soon, she reached to the stage of Head of Production and she produced one of the magnum opus of Disney, Shark Tales. After she joined the Illumination Entertainments, under its banner, she produced some of the greatest movies on the earth like Despicable Me, and its sequel Despicable Me 2, and then ‘Minions’. All the three movies she worked on never tasted a flop or a weak response. She honoured many positions like the executive member, and member for many boards. She received the Founders Award at the annual meeting at Visual Effects Society Board. Now, she lives in France.


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