Birthday: 02-10-1966
Age: 52
Star sign: Scorpio

John Zinman is a writer and producer. He frequently works with his writing companion Patrick Massett. The work of the duo is highly appreciated and always has high demand in the Film Business. John works both for Television and Films. John is best known for his drama series on the popular channel NBC called Friday Night Lights. He also works as the Executive Producer for numerous TV Series, and some big screen flicks. He started writing with the show on the hit network ABC called Veritas: The Quest.

Patrick and John were also the co-creators and executive producers for the show. John has also been partners with Shawn Ryan. The duo together co-executive produces the shows – The Chicago Code, Last Resort and Friday Night Lights. NBC’s hit show “The Blacklist” is co-executive produced by John and his companion James Spader. The Blacklist has received great TV ratings and hence boosted John’s career as an Executive Producer.

Along with the numerous rewards and appreciations, John Zinman was nominated for his work in the drama series Friday Night Light for four Writers Guild of America Awards. In February 2007, the Writers Guild of America nomination was for the Best New Series for the first season of the show. In the following year, February 2008, he was nominated by the Writers Guild of America for best Dramatic Series. This nomination was for the second season of the soap opera.

In the year February 2009, he was nominated for the third time for the Best Dramatic Series and this was for the third season of Friday Night Lights. Subsequently, for the fourth season of the show, he was selected for the same category by the Writers Guild of America. John was also the executive producer of the show which eventually won an Emmy Award. John Zinman along with his writing companion Patrick Massett are the writers for the blockbuster flick ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’.

The movie cast superstar Angeline Jolie. He has also penned for numerous episodes in different seasons for series like The Finder, Last Resort, and 2009’s Knight Rider. Patrick and John Zinman have a deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment which is said to be an overall television deal. ‘ Gold’ was produced and written by John Zinman in the year 2016. In the year 2017, John is working on his new feature which is caller The Wild One Hundreds. This is his independent feature, and he will be writing as well as will be the Executive Producer of the film.