Erika Christensen

Birthday: 19-08-1982
Age: 36
Star sign: Virgo

With her cute looks, she reached out to the people with her commercials in her childhood. Later, with her acting skills, she mesmerized the audience with roles from different genres. All in all, she had a fan following from a very tender age. She is Erika Christensen. Erika Jane Christensen, famously known to the film industry as Erika Christensen, was born on August 19, 1982, in Seattle, Washington, USA. She is the daughter of construction manager, Kathy and insurance worker, Steven Christensen. She has two younger brothers among whom Dan is an actor, and the other is Brando, along with one half older brother, Nick. She was always home schooled. From her childhood itself, she went for acting classes, and her interest in singing and dancing added as plus points to come when facing the camera.

Erika Christensen first appeared on screen with a McDonald's commercial, at the age of twelve. In 1997, she did two roles. Karen directed, Leave It To Beaver, had her role as Andy Cadiff. But it got poor reviews from the critics. In a guest role, Erika Christensen appeared in the TV series called Nothing Sacred, which was directed by Bill Cain and David Manson. Nothing Sacred also received the Peabody Award. Soon after this TV series, Erika Christensen played the role of Katelyn in Can Of The Worms, which released in 1999. She played with one of the best actors and actresses then, like Michael Shulman. This movie is the novel adaptation of Can Of Worms, written by Kathy Mackel, and directed by Paul Schneider. But it got mixed reviews. Later, she again portrayed in the role of Abigail Winthrop in the TV series, ‘Thanks’. Phoef Sutton and Mark Legan are the ones who created it. Erika Christensen played alongside Tim Dutton and Kirsten Nelson, who were famous in the industry by then. Later, she played for Michael Jackson's Childhood.

In Erika Christensen's film career, the role of Caroline Wakefield, in the 2000 crime drama, ‘ Traffic’, is one of her best roles. Steven Soderbergh directed this series and did a grand job attracting the attention of the audience. For her role, she got many awards, including the prestigious MTV Movie Award in Breakthrough Female Performance, and Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. From then, she appeared in many works, both in the television and film industry. But one can't forget her role as Julia Braverman-Graham in the TV series, ‘Parenthood’. Ron Howard created the family drama, Parenthood, and Erika Christensen acted alongside Peter Krause, Graham, etc. For her supporting role in a drama series, she won the Gracie Award in 2014. She married a cyclist, Cole Manen, in 2014.


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