Birthday: 07-06-1993
Age: 25
Star sign: Cancer

Singer and songwriter George Ezra Barnett, famously known to the music world as George Ezra, was born on 7 June 1993 at Hertfordshire, England, UK. His mother is a teacher, and his father is also a teacher. He went to Bengeo Primary School and soon he left it and joined in the Simon Balle School. Later to pursue his career in music, he studied B.Tech in Music and soon joined in the British and Irish Modern Music Institute in Bristol in 2011.

He grew his interest in music from his childhood itself. Though George Ezra appeared on the stage at the age of thirteen, he garnered awesome accolades for his works in a very less period. He didn't do many albums either. All he did is that he mesmerized the music lovers with his soft and soothing voice. He entered the mainstream music in October 2013. He started with the extended plays. He released Did You Hear the Rain, and ‘Budapest’. For these two works, he was listed in the iTunes New Artist 2014.

Even his songs are mentioned in the Brand New songs in 2014 on MTV, and BBC Sound of 2014. The themes George Ezra got for his songs were very peculiar. He got involved in a drunkard rivalry and lost the train to Budapest. He has never been to Budapest but wrote an enchanting and mind throbbing song and composed it. This way, the song Budapest reached the ears of the people on 13 June 2014.

The story behind his magnum opus Wanted on Voyage is also an interesting one. He was surprised by the idea of people to take down what they want to take along with them on any voyage and he wrote the song. This background story made the album Wanted on Voyage possible, and he released it soon on 30 June 2014. Soon, this reached the top three album list of the year in Britain and fourteen weeks after its release, it topped the list.

Later in 2015, he released Listen to the Man and this was also a massive hit. This song got international acclaim. It received four nominations like Best British Artist, Best British Male Solo Artist, Best British Singer, and Best British Breakthrough Artist. It is great in itself.

As a crazy term, he invented Petan and people started using it. When asked about it, he said that he created it for fun and people got connected to it, and that the word has no meaning. Later on 28 March 2015, he appeared as a guest on Saturday Night Live.