Birthday: 21-04-1988
Age: 30
Star sign: Taurus


Born on April 21, 1988, Christopher Sanders is American. He is the son of Terry Sanders and Mary Caroline Kingsland Gaylord. He has two brothers.

The actor acclaims to fame for his character Ned Banks on the show Ghost Whisperer and Kyle Anderson in the series “ Last Man Standing.” He is born and brought up in Arden and Hendersonville, North Carolina. He used to study at home. Christoph’s favorite co-curricular activity included soccer and Boy Scouts of America. He attained the highest rank in scouting, called as Eagle Scout.

At first, he chose to be an engineer, but later on opted acting. At the age of 9, Christoph started showing interest in acting. He even took classes at state theater of North Carolina, Flat Rocky Playhouse. He also participated in 16 plays of theirs. Some of them are The Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe, Bye bye birdie, and A Christmas Carol. He was 16, when he appeared in some advertisements in Georgia for General Mills. In 2006, Sanders debuted on the Hollywood screen with a short part, in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Post that, his controversial flick Hounddog released. The controversy was because of his character, for raping a 12-year-old girl. In 2007, he shifted to Los Angeles for better offers. He did get a part in Legally Blondes (Legally Blonde 3). He also landed for the character of Ned Stark in Ghost Whisperers. Though, he was supposed to be a guest star in the show, but Sanders role gained him popularity and a permanent part. He enjoyed working with Tim Allen in Last man standing as Kyle Anderson. His debut on television was with Family of the year as Mark Anderson. He also played Kurt Dawson in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

In 2010, the actor portrayed Tristan in TV series Pair of Kings. He has also appeared as himself in Hollywood Today. He says he would like to work with Penelope Cruz. He loves hot dogs, and doesn’t want too much fame in his life. He aspires to be a working actor who can enjoy shopping at a grocery store.

For vacations, he likes Rio or Ireland, but he finds Israel unique and different. He loves the type of roles he is doing, but he would like to work in intense cinema and dark comedy. Christoph likes to ride motorcycles a lot. He loves to cook. He admires the work of Willem Dafoe. He is a fan of the band Black Keys.


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