Birthday: 16-07-1986
Age: 32
Star sign: Leo

Laura Carmichael is a widely known British actress. She is the star of great plays and numerous television series. Known for the distinct portrayal of characters, Laura is a pleasure to watch. Today she is a celebrity who is recognized for her vast contributions. She is one among the main cast of heart winning television series ‘ Downton Abbey.’ With this, she has earned many die-hard fans. Born as Laura Elizabeth Carmichael to Andy and Sarah Carmichael, Laura hails from Southampton, Hampshire UK. She had a dream of becoming an actress at the age of ten. Her school plays gave her the inspiration.

After attending Peter Symonds College, she decided to learn drama. At eighteen she went to Old Vic theater school in Bristol. In drama school she realized her dreams were turning to life. According to her drama school was a weird experience for her. Soon after graduating she worked as a receptionist for a doctor. Then her drama troupe had a visit for Shakespeare play. Laura was to play Viola in Shakespeare Twelfth night. It was here that got a chance to audition for Downton. Oblivious Laura was so eager that she was only excited about her play. Little did she know that she has a golden opportunity lying in front of her. She was selected to star as the lead. This is how she became Lady Edith. A period drama by ITV and Carnival Films, Downton was a concept about lives of Crawley Family set up in the 1920s.

Laura played the middle of the three Crawley daughters. Hence she got the name ‘middle child.’ Her character was a bit tragic and unhappy one. She was cast opposite the character Bertie. She feels lucky to be a part of the drama, and she always grew up watching plays. Had she gone on the tour for Shakespeare the Lady Edith that we know today must have been oblivious. So for her ‘Downton was not less than a miracle.’ She could easily relate her life with the drama. Even in her real family, she is the middle child among elder sister Amy and younger Olivia. The series received Screen Actors Guild Award for ‘Outstanding performance by an Ensemble.’The show won the millions heart and became a multi-award winning series. The six seasons ran from 2010 to 2016.

In the last episode, Laura played an instrumental role and even featured the last scene. The last one had a happy ending in episode although the cast had an emotional breakdown on the closure of series. Since the end, she has been friends with co-star Michael Dockery. Talking about her theater plays she has plenty to her credit. The first one was ‘Reasons for living’ in 2009 followed by ‘ The Tempest.’ She performed at Vaudeville theater for ‘Uncle Vanya.’ Downton gave her lot more than fulfilling just her dreams. She was offered to act on the silver screen. She played Sal in the 2011 mystery film ‘ Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.’ In 2014, she acted as Henriette in the novel inspired movie ‘Madam Bovery.’ She was the lead in 2015 movie ‘Burn Burn Burn.’

A comedy movie by Chanya Button it was based on lives of two girls Seph and Alex. Simultaneously she made guest appearances in many television series ‘The heart of Hardy’ being one. In 2016, she performed for four episodes in a thriller series ‘Marcella’ as Maddy Steveson. She also portrayed Muriel Williams in the romantic movie ‘A United Kingdom’ and a mistress in ‘The Maids.' Laura appeared as a model for brand InStyle. She is in a relationship with a co-star from Downton named Michael C.Fox. She loves playing the game Scrabble and is a huge fan of Beyonce.

She is a big supporter of the organization Haiti Hospital Appeal that raises charity for women and children deprived in 2010 earthquake. The unit received 250,000 pounds grant from the government.


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