Birthday: 1979


Tejal Shah, a multi-disciplinary artist, Master of Fine Arts from the Bard College is a full package of creative talent. Her mind is a wonderland filled with thoughts which yield glorious mix of fiction, poetry and mythology. Born in 1979, Bhilai, currently resides in Goa, India. Graduated from RMIT, Melbourne, she did BA in photography and was an exchange student at The Art Institute of Chicago. She has finesse in photography and videography. She takes up a topic which stirs her audiences up. She is known to take up the topics which are still considered as a stigma in India. She pivoted her thoughts on issues like biological and social constructs of gender. "Chingari Chumma" and "Trans" are clearly the examples of it. In "What are You?" She did a marvelous work of showcasing the intricate and complications of Eunuch community and proposed a poly-gendered society. One of her works, "Between the Waves" which was a video installation was a huge success.

It was a work which was never done before. She beautifully used the devices of narration and metaphors to tell the tales which appeared to be of the inception of a species long lost forgotten or something out of this world, very surreal. Her work has been appreciated everywhere she goes and has been displayed in various museums, galleries, and film festivals and well appreciated. She likes to keep updated on social media. People can learn a lot about her on-going projects from the Facebook page.

A recent post:-

"First week at Rost Artist-in-Residence has flown by. I am very grateful to have been part of an intense seminar, 'Queer (Feminist) Ecologies' with artists and scientists - Maja Moesgaard, Elin Vister, Cal Harben, Malin Arnell, Camilla Renate Nicolaisen & Jaya Ramchandani. Group readings, viewings, deep listening, mindfulness meditations, yoga, botanical walks, gardening, Skype meetings, presentations, cooking, drawing, creating, communal living and lots of love. Such a combination is rare and precious - I am filled with much hope! Thank you core group and everyone for making it happen."