Sarthak Bhardwaj



Sarthak Bhardwaj is a boy from Dehradun, Uttarakhand, who won the title of first Junior Master Chef 2013 of India. Sarthak runs a food joint with his mother, and according to him, this overwhelming victory is a sign of fulfillment of his dreams. He says he had never thought that he would be winning the Master Chef, and the lad also intends to write a book on recipes for beginners. After winning the show, he said he wants to join National Defence Academy after passing out from school. In Master Chef Finale, Sarthak had defeated two other contestants, Sakshi Thripathi and Devender Singh. He got a cash prize of 22 carat gold from Amul and 22 Lakh from the show. Throughout the show, Sarthak had gained attention for his creative and mind blowing recipes. In the final round, he had prepared an Indian vegetarian dish, Nargisi Kofta.

He had begun cooking at the age of nine to help his widowed mother run a small food stall. But he never had thought that he would be able to showcase his culinary skills on a television channel. Initially, during the auditions he was very scared but later when the judges started appreciating his skills, he began gaining confidence. He was often known as the Kanhaiyya as all the girl contestants wanted him to be on their team. The season of Master Chef was co-judged by Surjan Singh Jolly, Kunal Kapoor and Vikas Khanna. It was during this season that the actress Sonakshi Sinha had made a short appearance to promote her movie, Bullet Raja. Tripti, Sarthak’s mother, is an Anganwadi worker, who earns a salary of Rs. 2250 in a month. As he couldn’t afford magazines on cooking, he had to refer to the recipes published in newspapers. Before coming onto the show, he had not received any professional cooking training.


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