Birthday: 22-03-2010
Age: 9
Star sign: Aries

Don’t her adorable looks melt your heart? Well, they certainly charmed a certain Bollywood megastar and gave this angel the wish of her life. Suzanne Ahmed Khan, popularly known as Suzi, is a young actress and model hailing from Mumbai, Maharashtra and you may remember her from the blockbuster movie, Sultan.

Suzi became an internet sensation after her mother uploaded a video of her on YouTube where she could be seen in her mother’s arms, crying profusely for Salman Khan and proclaiming her love for the actor after witnessing his role in Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The video spread like a forest fire, eventually reaching none other than the object of Suzi’s attention and fates submitted to the little girl’s bidding.

Salman offered to meet Suzi while he was filming Sultan. Suzi frequented the sets of the Salman Khan- Anushka Sharma starrer and soon checked her way into the pair’s hearts. Salman proposed that they have Suzi play the daughter of Sultan (Salman Khan) and Aarfa (Anushka Sharma) in the film because of her close resemblance to the actress.
Born to Madiha Arai and Ahmed Khan, Suzi is currently in primary school.

After her big break in Bollywood became a huge success, she turned to modeling and other cinematic projects.