Sachin Dev Burman - S. D. Burman

Birthday: 01-10-1906
Date of death: 31-10-1975
Star sign: Scorpio

Sachin Dev Burman (S.D. Burman) is a renowned classical Hindi music composer who is known for many melodious songs. He understood the technique ‘hummable’ in music so well that every song that he had composed remained close to music lover’s heart. He was distinguished from other famous Hindi music directors as he was very careful with the understanding of lyrics and gave close attention to the situation of the song. He even focused on the scene of the song that he composed. 

Burman also used folk music in his tunes. This composer actually made folk songs acceptable to the masses. He lent his baritone voice to many films that he had composed. He got a National award for ‘ Aradhana’ for which he had composed the songs. Although Burman did a lot of films in the beginning later, he became choosy and could not manage to do more than four films a year.

Burman nurtured Asha Bhosle and Manna Dey’s voice. In 2004, the soundtrack for Pyaasa was also chosen under the category "The Best Music in Film" by Sight & Sound, the British Film Institute magazine. He got associated with Dev Anand’s Nav Ketan Productions and gave one hit after another. Most of the songs that he composed for Dev Anand’s films such as ‘Taxi Driver’, ‘Kala Paani’ and ‘Baazi’ are memorable. In 1959, he composed a melodious song with "Jalte Hai Jiske Liye". for Talat Mahmood. Similarly, he also nurtured Asha Bhosle’s career and Geeta Dutt career. However, he had always felt there can be no singer like Lata Mangeshkar. Some songs for films like ‘ Guide’, ‘jewel Thief’, “Abhiman’, ‘Prem Pujari’ etc.that he had provided to Lata are truly melodious. He was also fond of Rafi, Kishore, and Manna Dey.

Burman always tried hard to find the right voice for right song and thus he made Hemant Kumar to sing the song ‘’Jane Woh Kaise Log" and Mohammed Rafi sing "Ye Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Jaye" in the same film ‘Pyasa.' He also made Geeta Dutt sing ‘" Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam’’ in ‘ Kagaz Ke Phool’. He also predicted that Manna Dey’s voice would not work for any heroes, and thus Manna Dey had to wait a long to get a chance to sing for a hero.

Sachin Dev Burman gave a chance to Manna Dey to sing ‘"Poocho Na Kaise Maine" in raga Bhairav. It was a milestone in the career of Manna Dey. Similarly, he allowed Rafi to sing the song 'Nache Mora Manwa Magan' (which is a landmark in his career). He also tried his best to make Raj Kapoor sing a song, but that was not possible at all.

Films like ‘Guide’, ‘ Bandini’, ‘ Jewel Thief’ are best of Burman’s works when he was popular. S.D Burman went into a coma while rehearsing the song ‘Badi Sooni Sooni’ for the film Mili with Kishore Kumar. He passed away on 31 October 1975 in Mumbai. S.D. Burman was born in Tripura on October 1, 1906.