Man Po Cheung is a Chinese Cinematographer, who has been the Director of Photography for many Chinese films. His area of expertise mainly includes action movies. He has been consistently contributing his skill of cinematography in the Chinese film industry and has worked on 40 projects so far. Working with superstars Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen, Cheung’s work has been able to pick up laurels in many film festivals and award shows.

Out of his numerous projects in which he has given his hand to, the highflying names include – Gorgeous (1999), Vampire Effect (2003), Flash Point (2007), and Beast Stalker (2008). The movie Gorgeous got nominations for the 1999 Golden Horse Film Festival and 2000 Hong Kong Film Festival. Vampire Effect won the Audience Award at the 2004 Chinese Film Media Award, Best Visual Effects, and Best Action Choreography in the 2003 Golden Horse Film Festival, 2004 Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Excellence Award, and the 2004 Hong Kong Film Awards. Flash Point has won the 2007 Golden Horse Film Festival Award and the 2008 Hong Kong Film Award. Beast Stalker won and bagged a record of nine wins and nine nominations in the year 2009-10.