This man dons many hats ranging from a Movie, TV, and Theatre actor to a director, dubber, anchor, and producer. He was born in Delhi and received a Masters in Psychology from Delhi University. He is most known as the anchor of Doordarshan's ‘ Krishi Darshan’. This program aimed at providing information to the rural audience which mainly comprised of farmers. He is also well known for Nukkad Natak’s, which highlighted many social issues such as corruption, in Delhi. Gajendra made his television debut in the year 1992 on Sony TV. His debut show, Bhanwar, was followed by some others. In 1992, he acted in Edipus on Doordarshan National, followed by BolBasanto, Baat Bapu Ki, in 1995. In that year, he was also seen in Gadar ki Goonj, which was a show on Doordarshan National. His last two TV appearances have been on India’s Most Wanted (ZEE TV, 2000) and Kyunki Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai (Doordarshan National, 2012). He was also seen in Channel V’s Gumrah, in the 31st August 2014 episode.

He has also been a part of Shubhdarshini Singh’s Ek Tha Rusti. He is currently employed at He has been in some movies such as Lucky Oh Lucky and Bricks of Remorse. He was the police inspector in the Bollywood film NH10 and also in Dil Patang. As part of his dubbing career, he has worked with Sanchar Bharti from 2005 till 2008. He has also translated a large variety of books into Hindi from English. These books include Bakht Khan (Iqbal Hussain, 2005), Muhammad Ali Khan (K.C. Yadav, 2007), and The Brahmaputra (Arup Kumar Dutta, 2008). Post-2010, he has translated books such as Ramu and Robot (2012), Jammu and Kashmir (2012), and MeriAatmakatha (Sharmishtha, 2013). He has also translated The Great Railway Bazaar (Paul Theroux, 2009), Freakonomics (Steven D, Levitt and Stephen J.Dubner, 2010), Liberty or Death (Patrick French, 2011) for Penguin India. He has been part of some plays such as ‘I wish, I wished, I never wished’ and has also written them. He has also translated shows and projects for some companies such as UTV, the Labor Ministry, Army Aviation and some history channels. He has narrated for Maqbool Nagme and has been a part of 153 episodes of a Korean show called Emperor of the Sea. He also taught at the NDFA for a couple of months.